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Published: 1st MAY 2024

Girlguiding Cymru launches new Active Adventures badge in partnership with Sustrans

Girlguiding Cymru and Sustrans have teamed up to launch a brand new badge, the Active Adventures challenge, which will aim to encourage young people to get more active. Girls of all ages will take part in different activities which will help them to walk, wheel, and cycle more, as well as explore their local environments and develop new skills.

Sustrans Cymru Director Christine Boston holding the first Active Adventures badge at the launch event with the 2nd Newtown Guides.

Sustrans Cymru's Director, Christine Boston, went to celebrate the launch event with the 2nd Newtown Guides at the home of Girlguiding Cymru in Llandinam.

Sustrans Cymru is proud to have partnered with Girlguiding Cymru to help encourage future generations of young people to walk, wheel, and cycle more.

A new Active Adventures badge will give young people in Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, and Rangers across Wales the opportunity to explore their local areas, exercise more, and develop their skills.

Each group can choose to complete between five and seven activities to earn the brand-new badge, developing new skills and encouraging children and young people to enjoy being outdoors.

2nd Newtown Guides were excited to be the first unit to see the pack and take part in the launch of the Active Adventures challenge.

A poster being drawn by one of the 2nd Newtown Guides as part of the Active Adventures badge launch.

The new Active Adventures challenge will encourage young people to get active and develop new skills, such as basic bike maintenance and repair skills.

New activities to help develop skills and encourage time outdoors

Activities have been grouped into categories aimed at supporting and developing children and young people in travelling more actively, including:

  • Starting your adventure
  • Cycling tips and tricks
  • Health and happiness
  • Protecting the planet
  • Active travel champions

These include orienteering, planning a route, bicycle maintenance checks, puncture repairs, riding skills, mindfulness walks, litter picking, and active travel challenges.

Bev Martin, Chief Commissioner at Girlguiding Cymru, said:

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Sustrans Cymru on this new Active Adventures challenge pack!

“It's an exciting opportunity for Girlguiding members to explore the outdoors, discover new places, and develop their adventurous spirit. 

“The pack offers a variety of activities suitable for different age groups, making it inclusive and engaging for everyone.”

Sarah-Jane Burns, Deputy Chief Commissioner and Sports Lead at Girlguiding Cymru, added:

“We are excited to be launching this new partnership which encourages our members to think about how they can have an active adventure. 

“Our members enjoy adventures, especially when they involve being active and helping the environment.

“We look forward to seeing and hearing all about their active adventures!”

A Guide holding up their poster from the Active Adventures badge launch.

Members of the 2nd Newtown Guides held a launch event to celebrate the new Active Adventures badge.

Sharing in the benefits of travelling actively and getting exercise

Travelling actively has been shown to be great for our mental and physical health, and independent travel among young people helps to build confidence and develop social skills.

Walking, wheeling, and cycling can increase mental alertness, energy, positive mood, and self-esteem, as well as reducing stress and anxiety among children and young people.

Speaking about the new venture, Sustrans Cymru’s Director, Christine Boston, said:

“We’re really excited and proud to be partnering with Girlguiding Cymru and to help encourage girls of all ages to walk, wheel, and cycle.

“Following on from great work done by our colleagues in Scotland, we wanted to see the same opportunities here in Wales.

“The new Active Adventures badge is designed to encourage girls and young women to engage with nature, to get active, and to develop and learn new skills, which is fantastic.

“We hope that this opportunity will encourage girls to become more aware of how they travel and make choices that are positive for people and planet.”

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