Published: 28th JULY 2022

Work set to begin on new walking, wheeling and cycling route in Buckinghamshire

This week, work will commence to build a four-kilometre walking, wheeling and cycling route along the Misbourne Valley in Buckinghamshire. Work on the long-awaited route is set to be completed by autumn 2024.

'before' photo of Misbourne Greenway - showing line of route, with fences either side, one to a field and the other to the railway.

The brand-new Misbourne Greenway runs partially alongside the railway, and will connect places and communities across the Chilterns as part of the Buckinghamshire Greenway. ©2022, Sustrans, All Rights Reserved

We have been working with partners to design and deliver the long-awaited route along the Misbourne Valley in Buckinghamshire.

This week marks the beginning of the work on the Misbourne Greenway route, which will create more opportunities for local people to embrace walking, wheeling and cycling.

As part of the project, Sustrans has been working with Chiltern Society, Greenways and Cycle Routes, Buckinghamshire Council and Network Rail.

Creating a connection across Buckinghamshire

The new four-kilometre, traffic-free stretch of Misbourne Greenway will be between Wendover and Great Missenden.

It will form part of Buckinghamshire Council’s vision of a Buckinghamshire Greenway covering the length of the county.

This section will link up with other parts of the Buckinghamshire Greenway to the north with a continuous route to Aylesbury and beyond.

It will also stretch the south with a future route heading towards Amersham and the Chalfonts.

Constructing a brand-new route

Construction of this stretch of Misbourne Greenway is expected to take approximately seven months, with most of the works due for completion in early 2023.

During the work there will be minimal disruption to local travel, affecting only a small number of local rights of way.

Stretches of path that pass by wooded areas will be raised slightly, adopting a ‘no dig’ construction method to protect the tree roots below.

New hedgerows and trees are also being planted along the route and in adjacent land, as well as filling in gaps in existing hedgerows to enhance green corridors for wildlife.

Providing a safer and more enjoyable option

When completed, this entirely traffic-free section will give more people in the area the opportunity to choose walking, wheeling and cycling for their everyday journeys.

It will provide a safer and more enjoyable alternative to the busy A413.

More people leaving the car at home will help to relieve congestion in the area, reduce carbon emissions, and improve local air quality. 

The project is funded by the Department for Transport, and forms part of Sustrans’ ongoing programme to enhance the National Cycle Network.

Highly anticipated project is underway

Sarah Leeming, our Director for South of England said:

“It’s brilliant to see this highly anticipated project getting underway.

“With the original start date delayed by the pandemic and the busy construction industry since, we have been putting every effort into reaching this important milestone of starting to build this exciting new route.”

Creating connections across the Chilterns

Sarah continued:

“I look forward to seeing this project coming to life.

"Creating a route that is safe and accessible, will enable more people to give regular walking, wheeling and cycling a go, as well as connecting places and communities across the Chilterns.”

Tom Beeston, Chief Officer at the Chiltern Society said:

“We’re delighted to be doing our bit in helping Sustrans and Buckinghamshire Council create The Misbourne Greenway- an accessible, high-quality active travel route that will connect people and communities running across the Chilterns.

“It will greatly enhance the walking and cycling facilities for a wide range of groups in the Chilterns, connecting with existing footpaths, train stations and the wider Greenway routes currently in development beyond the Chilterns.”

You can register your interest in keeping up to date with this project by sending us an email at

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