Published: 12th DECEMBER 2022

Have your say on cycle-rail travel to inform new guidance

Sustrans is part of the Cycle Rail Working Group that has launched a public consultation to get feedback on how to improve cycle-rail travel. Find out how you can have your say on how to make combining cycle and train travel easy and desirable for everyone.

The public is being asked to give feedback on cycle-rail travel so improvements can be made. Photo: Chandra Prasad/Sustrans

New guidance for the rail industry to improve opportunities for people to combine cycling and rail travel in their journeys is to be developed.

And the public has been invited to have your say.


We want to hear about your experiences 

The Cycle Rail Working Group brings together the rail industry and other sustainable transport stakeholders.

Together, we want to hear the experiences of the public to ensure this new guidance reflects modern requirements.

The public is invited to contribute their opinions on what would help them combine cycle and rail travel, through a new online survey.

Existing guidance was delivered in 2016, prior to the global pandemic and the cost of living crisis, as well as repeated calls for improved sustainability options in travel.


People want better cycle-rail transport links

David Hibbs, Cycle Rail Programme Manager at Sustrans, said:

“We want to help people to combine the active travel of cycling, which is cheaper and healthier than car use, with rail travel.

"To get this right, we need to hear from the people who currently travel by cycle and rail, or wish to, so we’re inviting them to share their experiences.”

The Sustrans Walking and Cycling Index (2021) found that 64% of people across the UK would like improved cycling infrastructure that better links with public transport, such as secure cycle parking at train stations.


Healthier and emission-free journeys to local station

Giving people the choice of multiple active and sustainable travel options which can easily be combined will mean healthier and emission-free options for local journeys to stations.

This will lead to low-carbon and high-speed transport over longer distances, especially for commuters.

Hibbs continued:

"It’s high time this guidance was updated because the world has moved on since 2016, but if we’re to make any improvements, we must listen to what people want.

"The crucial question is really: ‘What would encourage you to cycle to the station?’"

"We want to help people leave their cars at home to make local journeys through active means, such as walking, wheeling and of course cycling."


Help discover ways to make travel more sustainable

Dean Pettitt, Social and Commercial Development Manager at South Western Railway, said:

“Rail travel is one of the most environmentally friendly mass transport options and the industry is always keen to find ways to encourage travellers to use sustainable methods of travel wherever possible.

“The feedback from this survey will help the industry discover new ways to achieve this aim.”


Cycling and train travel should be the perfect combination

Silka Kennedy-Todd, Active Travel Lead at Great British Railways Transition Team, said:

“Cycling and train travel should be the perfect combination to help us all keep New Year resolutions.

"But we know facilities at stations and on trains often fall short of what is needed to support travel by bike.

“Please help the railway to help you keep future New Year’s resolutions by taking five minutes to tell us what we need to do better.”


Have your say today by completing the online survey. You'll need to get your opinions in before the survey closes at 9 am on 9 January.

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