Published: 21st APRIL 2022

Route upgrades make The Phoenix Trail more enjoyable for everyone

Improvement works are now complete on a stretch of National Cycle Network Route 57 in South Oxfordshire. The route is now open, safer and more accessible for everyone who wants to use it.

Upgraded Phoenix Trail route - before and after

The route has been improved to make it safer and more accessible for everyone who wants to use it.

Engineering a longer term solution

The path had previously suffered from reoccurring surface damage.

To guard against this happening in the future, a more stable foundation has been laid.

This has not only made the surface of the path smoother, but has also helped to ensure its quality for years to come.


Making the route more accessible for everyone

Access points have also been modified to enable more people to use this popular route.

Now people using adapted cycles, mobility aids, pushchairs and wheelchairs can more freely access and enjoy the traffic-free route.

A route with many uses

The Phoenix Trail follows the old railway line between Thame in South Oxfordshire and Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire.

The route is a vital active travel link for people commuting, travelling between the towns, and enjoying being active for leisure.  

before and after comparison of Phoenix Trail route

Enabling active journeys in South Oxfordshire

Sarah Leeming, Interim Director for the South of England at Sustrans said:

“It’s brilliant to see this route improved and open for everyone to enjoy.

“Making active travel routes like this accessible to everyone and safer to use, goes such a long way to helping people to make an everyday or leisure journey by active means.

“This brings us one step closer to a National Cycle Network that is safer and more accessible for everyone.

“Living in Oxfordshire, I look forward to using the upgraded route myself very soon.”


Working together to enhance the National Cycle Network

The project is part of our Paths for everyone programme to enhance the National Cycle Network, funded by the Department for Transport.


Learn about our commitment to enhancing the National Cycle Network.


Read Linda and Adam's story to understand how path upgrades can improve our quality of life.

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