Published: 4th JUNE 2020

A message of solidarity from Sustrans CEO

Sustrans CEO, Xavier Brice, shows our support of the countless organisations working to make the world a better and more equal place. He reflects on what Sustrans needs to do as a charity, by lending our voice and taking clear action to create truly liveable cities and towns for everyone.

Sustrans stands in solidarity with everyone working to build a more equal society including the Black Lives Matter campaign and countless other organisations fighting for a better world. 

But we know solidarity is not enough. Tokenism is not good enough. We cannot be complacent.

Organisations like the Black Cyclist Network, Women of Colour Cycling groups, and activists like Jools Walker aka Velo City Girl are doing incredible work.

As are the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, UK Black Pride, Stop Hate UK, and Black Thrive.

Sustrans is encouraging all our followers to support those organisations and the vital work they do.

But we as a charity must also ask ourselves what more can we do.

Sustrans works to make it easier for people to walk and cycle. Our mission is simple, but we know achieving it is not. The benefits of walking and cycling are not experienced equally. 

Systemic and deep-seated racism permeates our society in the UK and manifests itself in many of the spheres of our work.

I believe Sustrans has an important role in lending its voice and taking clear action to create truly ‘Liveable Cities and Towns for Everyone’.

We recognise the need for us to educate ourselves, and to listen and respond to black and minority ethnic communities. And we need to work in partnership with communities to ensure that both our offices and our work not only reflect the diversity of the UK but also actively address systemic privilege and discrimination.

We know we have work to do. But right now, I want our staff members, friends, families, supporters and volunteers to know: We stand with you.

- Xavier Brice, Sustrans Chief Executive



For information on ways you can help and other useful resources, take a look at the Black Lives Matter website.

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