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Published: 1st JULY 2020

Sustrans Cymru awarded £1.1million to increase active travel in 400 schools across Wales

Sustrans Cymru are pleased to be delivering the Active Journeys Programme in schools across Wales for another 3 years. Active Journeys, a Welsh Government funded programme, works with schools across Wales to create a culture that makes it easier for children to walk, scoot or cycle to school.

Two girls scooting to school

Active Journeys develops whole-school approaches to active travel with a range of engaging activities that help build the confidence, enthusiasm and the skills needed to form new active travel habits.

Neil Canham, Deputy Director, Sustrans Cymru said:

“Creating a safe environment for children to walk, scoot and cycle to school has never been more important.

We want to see more Active Travel Schools across Wales. Active Travel Schools have the ambition to see most of their pupil’s travel to school actively.  They understand the benefits that active travel brings to the wider community – less congestion, better air quality and healthier children and families. 

“With funding from Welsh Government we are thrilled to be delivering the Active Journeys programme for another 3 years, which will help make this vision a reality.

“The programme is delivered by our fantastic team of Active Journeys Officers, who support with planning, promotion and delivery of a wide range of events and activities to boost levels of active travel.

“We look forward to working with schools, parents and local authorities to create happier and healthier school communities.”

Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, said:

“Making walking and cycling a normal part of the school day is crucial in further embedding active travel into our culture in the long-term.

“I have seen brilliant examples of this in Welsh schools and look forward to seeing even more. We recently confirmed we’d be spending £2million to make walking and cycling to school safer, and the continuation of the Active Journeys initiative is another step in the right direction.”


The Active Journeys Programme offers:

  • guidance and support to address specific travel issues around the school
  • activities and lessons focused on active travel
  • incentives for the school community that promote cycling, walking and scooting
  • access to our activity guides, curriculum support materials and on-line challenges


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