Published: 17th JULY 2020

Scheme to provide free cycle loans for key workers in East Sussex proves hugely popular

Sustrans and East Sussex Cycle Training have worked together to loan their local stock of bicycles to key workers in East Sussex during the covid-19 crisis.

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Cycling offers key workers an active and sustainable alternative to travelling by car

In just two weeks, the project has loaned all of its bicycles out, offering nearly 60 key workers a sustainable and active way to travel.

Our local Communities Officer, Jamie Lloyd, who manages the Peacehaven Cycle Hub said:

“We are really happy to see how popular this project has been. I have been inundated with requests and sadly have had to start turning people away as we have run out of bikes.

“The vast majority of the key workers coming to borrow bikes have been NHS staff but we have also had shop workers, social workers and prison staff.

“We have received feedback that many key workers are keen to take up cycling to work and this project has provided them with an easy way of doing so.”

Eastbourne Cycle Centre

The Eastbourne Cycle Centre is based near to Eastbourne General Hospital and has loaned many of its bicycles to their staff during this project.

Peter Bryant, who manages the Eastbourne Cycle Centre said:

 “This has been a hugely rewarding project to be involved with and shows just how many people are keen to take up cycling as their main form of transport.

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It has been great meeting so many staff from the hospital, setting them up with bikes and then seeing them cycle past us, and waving, on their way to work the next day. Blockquote quotation marks
Peter Bryant, Eastbourne Cycle Centre

Looking forward

While the project has run out of bicycles for now, we are keen to restart the offer as soon as more become available.

Jamie Lloyd said:

“This project has been so popular we would love to be able to offer it out to more workers in the East Sussex region.

“Anyone who chooses to cycle to work and leave the car at home is making a positive decision for themselves and the local environment, and we would like to help this happen for many more key workers across East Sussex.”


Take a look at our Cycles for key workers map, for offers and deals on bikes and equipment across the UK.

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