Published: 15th JANUARY 2020

Sustrans responds to the A57 works in Manchester

This statement is in response to discussions and queries about access to the Fallowfield Loop during and after this forthcoming project.

People Walking And Cycling On Fallowfield Loop

Works organised by Manchester City Council are set to start in late January to replace an old railway bridge on the A57 (Hyde Road). The Bridge is owned by Sustrans as part of the Fallowfield Loop walking and cycle route.

Developing Greater Manchester’s walking and cycling network

In Bee Network plans, the A57 is identified as a potential Busy Beeway, a corridor on a busier road that will require a higher level of design intervention to improve cycling and walking. There are no current plans for a high-quality cycle route along the A57.

Providing an accessible, high-quality link between the Fallowfield Loop line and any future high-quality cycle route along the A57 needs a ramp connection. We are currently in discussion with Manchester City Council about various options for a ramp and stairs to link the two routes.

There are two options to achieve a ramp connection.

One option would use Sustrans-owned land and would be extremely expensive, with large structural works. The simpler, more cost-effective option is using a section of private land to accommodate the ramp section near the A57 before the ramp continues up the slope of the embankment within Sustrans-owned land.

We hope to progress the ramp option, including negotiation with the private landowner, as part of the Manchester Cycleway (Manchester Challenge Fund) project (see below). We are in discussion with Manchester City Council about including stair access within the works, which were in the original plans for the bridge works.


As part of the public consultation in September, Sustrans asked for the following changes to be made to the planned works:

  • Shorter timeframe
  • Signposted diversion in place
  • Lighting improved
  • CCTV installed.

Access issues on the National Cycle Network

The temporary diversion for the Fallowfield Loop includes an access barrier, which has been identified as one of over 250 barriers that require removal or amendment on the National Cycle Network in Greater Manchester.

As part of our Paths for Everyone report, Sustrans is committed to removing or amending 16,000 barriers across the National Cycle Network. We own just 1.5% of the Network in the UK (including the Fallowfield Loop in Greater Manchester). We are working with partners across the Network to identify funding opportunities to create an accessible and safe Network for everyone.

Funding – how we’re working to achieve the vision

To help achieve our vision for Paths for Everyone in Manchester, we have been successful in winning funding for the National Cycle Network in Greater Manchester from the Department of Transport.

In partnership with TfGM and Manchester City council we also have two multimillion-pound bids in the Mayors’ Challenge Fund (MCF).

Department for Transport funding

We have won £250,000 funding from the Department for Transport to improve accessibility and signage across the National Cycle Network in Greater Manchester.

As part of this funding, we are in the process of agreeing with partners across the region to remove or amend up to 75 barriers to make them accessible for a range of larger bicycles, adapted bikes and people with disabilities.

The locations of all the barriers to be amended have not yet been agreed with partners. In view of the recent discussion over the A57 works, we have included the Dean Road barrier, on the temporary diversion, within this programme.

Mayors Challenge Fund bids

We have two bids in the MCF programme:

  • Manchester Cycleway
  • NCN Upgrade.

Both bids have been accepted onto the MCF programme and we are awaiting a decision as to whether we can progress to the next stage (when funding will be released and we can begin work to engage the local community and prepare designs and business case).

If the Manchester Cycleway bid goes through we will have funding to remove or amend all remaining barriers on the Fallowfield Loop, improve entrances, signage and lighting on the route.

If the NCN upgrade bid goes through we will have funding to create five new sections of Beeway in Greater Manchester and improve accessibility in these areas.

For more information or comments please contact Sarah Roe on T: 0161 233 4071 or email:

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