Published: 18th DECEMBER 2020

Sustrans Scotland responds to the National Transport Strategy 2 Plan

Sustrans Scotland comments on the Scottish Government’s National Transport Strategy 2 delivery plan: ‘Reducing car km is bold but more information on active travel freeways is needed’.

Commenting on the NTS2 Delivery plan, which was released yesterday, Sustrans Deputy CEO, and Executive Director for Scotland, John Lauder said:

“Sustrans welcomes the broad thrust of the NTS2 delivery plan and its commitment to tackling climate change, reducing inequalities, delivering economic growth and improving health.

“We were pleased to be part of the review board that wrote the plan. We look forward to playing a part in its successful delivery.

“The real task now is to deliver policies and interventions at a pace that have clear actions, with clear timescales and measurable targets.

Critical measures to reduce carbon emissions

“Sustainable and active travel is mentioned throughout, and we welcome the inclusion of concepts like the 20-minute neighbourhoods across cities, towns and rural areas.

“We welcome the unambiguous commitment to transport demand management and see it as critical to carbon emissions reduction and to tackle toxic air pollution.

"In particular, the focus on reducing car kilometres by 20% by 2030 is bold and eye-catching.

"The vast majority of car trips in Scotland are less than three miles and have been that way for many years, this has to change.

A call for an end to new road building

“We note the mention of Active Travel Freeways and the commitment of an additional £50million over 5 years for the identification and design development of the strategic active travel network, a concept championed by Sustrans.

"To build such a network will take significantly more investment.

"We repeat our consistent call for an end to new road building, improving only the existing roads network and to use the Strategic Transport Projects Review programme (STPR2) as an opportunity for truly transformative investment in our sustainable transport infrastructure.”


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