Published: 2nd DECEMBER 2020

Adapting the way we work in an ever-changing world

Mindfulness coach, Anna Bell shares remote-working advice, healthy habits, and tips to keep motivated from our recent ‘Working It Out’ webinar.

Sustrans Scotland and Way to Work Scotland were delighted to host an interactive virtual event last Thursday. 

It was the latest in a series of webinars designed to help us continue adjusting to new ways of working. 

Working out how to work well

The aim of the Working It Out webinar was to provide healthy habits, behaviours, and motivation as we head into winter. 

We looked at ways we can learn to filter what we hear people say, how to behave flexibly and covered tips for connecting more effectively online.

Learning from how we’re working 

On the topic of working during the current circumstancesAnna Bell told us:  

Embrace these times as an opportunity for learning and raising awareness. Take a pause and reflect on life.  

There are always more choices available in how we could respond to a situationAnd what can come of it can often be significant and unexpected, even from the most challenging times.” 

Some positive motivation 

We’re over the moon to hear lots of positive feedback from those who tuned into the eventOne attendee told us: 

It really did make me stop and think about myself for an hour. Quite refreshing and I will indeed push my thoughts forward to spring and visualise a much better me. 

Didn’t get a chance to attend or want to re-watch the event? 

No problem, here’s a full recording to watch whenever you like.

Looking for more resources? 

Anna Bell has also provided a wealth of in-depth articles and video content to support the webinar.  

To explore all of these free resources, visit Way To Work Scotland. 


For even more motivation as we approach winter, check out our guide on staying active during lockdown. 

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