Published: 16th APRIL 2020

Sustrans launches first online map to help key workers find offers on bikes and repair services

Our Cycles for Key Workers map helps to make cycling easier for NHS staff and other key workers amid Covid-19. It shows offers on bike purchasing and hire, equipment, repairs and maintenance available to key workers in their local area.

Key workers across the UK can now find cycle-related offers and locate bike stores that are open in their local area, with a live online map launched today.

We created the map to make cycling easier for key workers as they travel to and from work each day during Covid-19.

A new, interactive map

A single repository of information, the map displays four different types of pins for each kind of offer, including:

  • access to a bike
  • repairs and maintenance
  • equipment and gear
  • and for bike stores that remain open across the UK.

The map has a function to view and search businesses and schemes by a location name and postcode areas.

The information resource also features links to cycling and walking tips, and other useful content.

Supporting our frontline heroes

Around 40% of the UK workforce are classed by the UK Government as key workers, including NHS employees, cleaners, carers and supermarket workers.

Following the UK-wide lockdown announced by the Government last month, bicycle shops were one of the few retailers listed to remain open, if they wish to, to ensure transport for key workers and last-mile deliveries can be maintained.  

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, cycling industry has come together to provide assistance and offers on cycles and services to key workers to say thank you for their invaluable work in these difficult times.

Helping key workers to cycle to work

Susie Dunham, Development Director at Sustrans, whose husband works for the NHS, said:

“In the Covid-19 crisis, cycling is critical for many key workers to get to and from work each day.

"The online map was created with the needs of key workers in mind and we hope it will prove useful for everyone needing to cycle to work, be it an experienced commuter who may need a spare part or a novice who needs access to a cycle.

“An average commute is five miles – a distance that can be easily cycled in less than 30 minutes. It’s fantastic to see how the cycling industry has come together to support the people who are working so hard to get us through this crisis.”

Working together to share the UK's acts of kindness

The initiative is supported by the transport sector and the Department for Transport.  

Chris Boardman, Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Commissioner said:

“Many of the UK’s key workers rely on public transport at a time we need them to stay safe, so it shouldn’t surprise us thousands are turning to the bicycle to get to work.

“I’m so pleased Sustrans, with the backing of all major bicycle organisations, came together to help turn the small acts of kindness from those in the industry, into a national movement to aid key workers.

"Be it for exercise or essential journeys, the bicycle is playing its part in helping us through this crisis and beyond.”

Making it easy to find money-saving deals

Walking and Cycling Minister, Chris Heaton-Harris said:

 “Many people who cannot work from home cycle to and from work, and it’s important we do everything we can to make their journeys easy, so they can concentrate on their essential jobs.

“Cycles for Key Workers is a great initiative which will help people find nearby cycle shops, bikes and equipment - as well as money-saving deals – so they’re able to travel during these unprecedented times.”

We're all in this together

Nichola Mallon, Northern Ireland Minister for Infrastructure, said:

“For many of those still working to keep us all safe during this health emergency, cycling is the preferred option to get to and from work.

"This resource, produced in partnership between Sustrans and other cycling organisations is another demonstration of partnership working to support those on the front line.

“We are all in this together and at this critical time, I would urge the public to continue to follow the advice and stay at home to help save lives.

"If your travel is essential please adhere to the guidance for social distancing and if taking a walk or cycle for some daily exercise, please stay close to home.”

Enabling safer cycling

Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport at the University of Westminster, said:

“I welcome this initiative helping make cycling more accessible for key workers and others making essential journeys.

“Cycling is a healthy mode of transport that can serve many such trips while being compatible with physical distancing.

"I’d like to see government and transport authorities doing their bit to enable safer cycling, as in Bogota where a large network of temporary cycle tracks has been quickly put in place to support essential trips.”

Find out more about Cycles for Key Workers and take a look at the map

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