Published: 18th OCTOBER 2018

Sustrans responds to DfT announcement of review of Highway Code to empower pedestrians and people who cycle

The Department for Transport (DfT) today announced a review of the Highway Code to update guidance on how road users should behave around people on bikes and pedestrians.

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Responding to the DfT’s announcement of a review of the Highway Code, Xavier Brice, Chief Executive, Sustrans, the cycling and walking charity said:

“We strongly welcome the Government’s review of the Highway Code to make our streets safer for walking and cycling. Sustrans has been calling for this in coalition with other cycling and walking organisations and it's fantastic to see the Minister take this on board and show real leadership in this area.

“Close passing and car dooring endangers vulnerable road users and puts many people off cycling at a time when increased cycling and walking will help solve a range of issues such as obesity, congestion and air pollution and will create, more liveable, healthy neighbourhoods. Our streets should be safe places for people setting out on foot and we see too many pedestrians killed on our roads. The fact that the Government is looking to update guidance in the Highway Code in these areas is a significant step forward and should create real positive change for people walking and cycling.”

Sustrans, in coalition with other cycling and walking organisations, has been calling for five changes to make our roads safer for pedestrians and people on bikes. The remaining four are:

1. Lower speeds – reducing default speed limits to 20pmh in residential areas and 40 mph on quiet rural roads.
2. Adopt ‘best in class’ design standards to create safe attractive spaces for people walking and cycling.
3. To prohibit pavement parking in England outside of London.
4. To provide cycle training to all children during their primary and secondary school years.

Xavier Brice continued:

“It is great to see one of these changes being taken forward by DfT and we hope that more of our asks will be adopted in the future to make our streets safer, more pleasant places for all.”

For more information, case studies of walking and cycling infrastructure and photos, contact:

Anna Galandzij, Senior Press Officer at Sustrans, 07557 915 648,