Published: 26th JULY 2017

Our response to the UK Government’s Air Quality Plan

Sustrans Chief Executive Xavier Brice comments on the Government’s Air Quality Plan published 26 July 2017.

People on bikes cycling in a London street
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Xavier Brice, Chief Executive of Sustrans, said:

“The Government’s plans for tackling poor air quality have signalled the end of the car as we know it, but they lack the necessary government urgency, action or investments to make alternatives to car travel, such as walking and cycling, a realistic option for short journeys.

“The Government cannot shy away any longer from the issue of cars clogging up and polluting our cities, and it must now provide real solutions with new investments for local travel, such as walking and cycling.

"Local Authorities must be properly supported to put in place clean air zones and tackle the public health emergency of poor air quality.”

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