Published: 31st MARCH 2014

Surviving spring showers

While we're all hoping that the worst of the wet weather is behind us, Spring does come with the potential for some pretty heavy showers. In light of this, we've decided to share some of our top tips for surviving those Springtime showers.

Lady cyclist with Rainbow
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Even in a light rain shower, the spray from the road can get you and your clothing pretty wet

It may seem obvious, but ensuring you have a waterproof jacket when you are cycling in the wet is a must if you want to keep dry. A high-quality jacket should protect you from the rain, spray off the road and the wind while you are cycling.

Waterproof overtrousers are another option if you want to keep you your trousers dry. These are designed to be worn over your normal clothing and have ankle zips to make them easy to put on and take off without removing your shoes.

After a ride in the rain, it’s a good idea to check your tyres for grit and clean your chain

Check out Green Oil's line of eco-friendly bike maintenance products and make sure that you cover your chain in a degreaser and dry it thoroughly with a cloth.

Next, apply chain lube to protect it and touch up parts with ecogrease, which is water repellent and anti-corrosive.

If you get really muddy, give your whole bike a clean with a bike brush. Early spring can still mean salty roads, and bikes hate salt!

With longer days and warmer weather, you’ll probably be getting out on your bike more often

But wet weather can still mean poor light levels even in the day, so you’ll still need to consider how visible you are to other road users.

A pair of LED lights can be easily kept in a bag or pocket in case of a sudden downpour, and a reflective belt, bands or vest can add visibility without adding an extra layer of clothing.