Published: 5th FEBRUARY 2019

Mindfulness on your commute

Make the most of your public transport or walking commute by using the time to train your mind to be present. You'll arrive at work feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead.

Woman in coat and scarf with earphones on walking across bridge

Mindfulness on your walk to work can help you prepare for the day ahead.

Mindfulness has recently received much attention in the press, and rightly so.

It’s now prescribed by GPs as a tool to manage depression, anxiety and stress.

Top athletes use it to maximise their performance and even children are learning the basic principles in school. 


Mindfulness apps and books

Below are some books and apps that we've found helpful when practising mindfulness.

You can use these apps to make the most of the time you spend on the bus or train or to make your walk to work more calming.

Some are available free while others have a small cost.

There are lots of options out there so we're sure you'll find one that suits you.

1. Headspace

Grab your headphones and take 10 minutes to escape from the hustle and bustle with a gentle guided meditation.

The Headspace app will calm your mind and help you to approach the day with a sense of clarity.

Looking for more? For a fee, you can subscribe to the app and download a range of meditations, with longer times and less guidance.


This great website and free app allow you to set a meditation timer from as little as one minute.

Monitor your progress and switch between meditations to figure out which works best for you.

3. One-moment meditation

This app allows you to learn to meditate quickly and powerfully, a perfect stress-buster for the busiest among us.

4. Mindfulness colouring book

If meditation isn’t for you, why not try colouring?

It works in a similar way to meditating by making you concentrate on the present moment.

You can get one from your local bookshop or online via Better World Books.

5. Dr Ben Irvine's Einstein & the Art of Mindful Cycling

This book can be bought from most online retailers.

Many people find that exercise helps them to unwind after a day at work.

And by cycling home, you'll avoid the stress of traffic and get a fitness boost while you're at it.

The beneficial effects of exercise on stress are well documented. 

Many people find that exercising after work really helps them to shake off any stresses from their working day.

Walking or cycling home is an easy way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.


Find out more about the health benefits of walking and cycling.

Read our tips on how to get into cycling to work.

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