Published: 7th MAY 2019

Cycle training

Cycle training is by far one of the best ways to boost your confidence on two wheels. Whether you’re getting on a bike for the first time or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills on busy roads, instructors will provide expert personalised tuition to suit your individual abilities and goals.

Woman with bicycle at a bike ride training course in a school playground with other adults cycling in background

Cycle training will help to make your journeys safe and enjoyable and teach you many key skills such as good road positioning, signalling, and visibility.

Even the most experienced cyclist is guaranteed to learn something new.

Bikeability is the name of the cycle training in the UK and is based on the National Standards for Cycle Training.

It’s like cycling proficiency, but better.

Bikeability gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling.

Sustrans delivers all of our cycle training and led rides in accordance with the national standard, and works closely with Bikeability providers around the country.


Cycle training in England

Many of our officers are Bikeability instructors, so if you need cycle training, and work with Sustrans at your workplace or school, please ask your officer for further information.

If you do not have a Sustrans officer in your office or school, visit the Bikeability website to find providers in your area.

Your local council can often advise on cycle training, and may even provide it for free.


Cycle training in Wales

There are a lot of opportunities for free cycle training in Wales, through our Welsh Workplaces work, or via CTT and Cycle Training Wales.


Cycle training in Scotland

This is run and managed by Cycling Scotland, who run the Bikeability Scotland scheme - similar but not identical to schemes running in the rest of the UK.


For more information on Bikeability visit the Bikeability website and the Bikeability Trust.

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