Published: 24th FEBRUARY 2020

9 reasons to ride an electric bike

Electric bikes are sometimes diminished as “cheating”. But, for many people, they make travelling by bike far more accessible and enables them to start incorporating more exercise into their daily routine.

A woman poses with an e-bike

Electric bikes are fast becoming more mainstream. You may have even started to see them on the road or on cycle routes. 

But why are they so popular?

Whether you're thinking about buying an electric bike or you're simply curious about the benefits, here are 9 reasons to start riding an electric bicycle.

1. Enjoy cycling longer distances 

Being outdoors on a beautiful day can be one of life's most enjoyable and relaxing experiences.

One of the big draws of long-distance riding is that you are able to experience more views and sights than if you were walking.

With an electric bicycle, you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about the impact on your legs.

A short journey can turn into a mini-adventure that spans a bit further than it usually would. 

2. Build your fitness and cycling ability 

E-bikes are a fantastic gateway into cycling for fitness.

Of course, this may not be why you cycle. But if it is, the assistance provided by an electric bike can be reassuring if you're concerned about your fitness levels.

Despite the added boost, you will still be pedalling throughout the course of your ride.

This movement means that you burn almost as many calories riding an electric bike as you would on a manual bicycle. 

3. Cheaper to run than a car or motorbike and using public transport

Although an electric bike may be more expensive than a conventional push-bike, the costs are minimal when compared to a car.

If you already own a car, you will be very aware that it is not the cheapest form of transport, while public transport can cost between 10p-30p per mile. 

It only costs a few pence to fully charge the battery on an electric bike. Depending on your bike and battery, this could take you as far a 30-90 miles. An absolute bargain.

4. Hassle-free commuting

If you are an everyday commuter, you may find yourself regularly sitting in traffic daydreaming about being anywhere else other than in your car, on the bus or dealing with train delays.

That dream can become a reality.

Cycling to work is a great way to include more exercise into your daily routine and you'll arrive at work more alert and ready for the day.

Check out our map of the National Cycle Network to see if you can plan your new route to work.

A man rides an e-bike up a hill in a residential area

Tapping into your electric motor allows you to handle hills with a lot less stress.

5. Hills and wind are no longer a problem

The thought of cycling uphill against the wind is one of the most off-putting reasons for not cycling. An electric bicycle (almost) eradicates this issue.

Just tap into your electric motor and you'll handle those hills with a lot less stress.

Plus, you'll be on the receiving end of some envious glances from those people struggling on a manual bike. 

6. Travel sustainably 

Electric bikes not only have less impact on your knees and thighs, but they can also have less of an impact on the environment.

If sustainability is important to you, an electric bike may be a perfect alternative to driving.

As you charge the battery yourself, you have complete control over how eco-friendly your bicycle is.

7. Safer than you think

Having more acceleration from a standing start can make traffic junctions feel a lot safer than on a traditional bike.

You may also find that you're more aware of your surroundings as you won’t spend as much time with your head down or standing up in an attempt to build up speed.

Another safety bonus or an electric bicycle is that having a silent motor means you'll be more aware of the sounds around you than you would on a motorbike or scooter.

8. Carry more cargo

Cycling with a heavy load of groceries can be exhausting. Packing your panniers with products means you'll be carrying extra weight on your way home.

Using an electric bike for your shopping means you can use your battery power on the way back to help with the added weight.

Electric bicycles require more exercise than driving, so you can still justify a few treats for the week ahead.

Take a look at a few more of our tips for shopping by bike.

9. They’re good fun

President John F. Kennedy once said that “nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” and this rings true for electric bikes as well.

To put it simply, riding an electric bike is… fun. The dread of hills is eradicated and you can smile and wave as you pass other riders who toil behind.

As the frames continue to change and the technology improves, the joy of riding an electric bike is only going to increase.


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