#NCN25th video instructions

Share your story and be a part of the video celebrating 25 years of the National Cycle Network.

How to upload your video(s)

September 2020 marks the official 25th anniversary of the National Cycle Network.

Will you be part of the #NCN25th celebratory video?

You can be a person on foot, on cycle, on horse. You might be using a wheelchair, a scooter, or perhaps a unicycle! We want to see your journeys and hear your personal stories of the National Cycle Network.

Why get involved

You can be part of the celebration to show the importance of the National Cycle Network. 

Your voice and/or image may be used in the 25th birthday video, which will be used on the Sustrans website and social media channels. We want to inspire more people to discover and get active on their local routes.

How to film

You can video your journey and story using a camera, Go Pro or your phone – whatever you have to hand.

Tips for filming with your phone

  • Turn your phone sideways and film in landscape
  • Use the back camera (not the one on your screen)
  • If you can, please select 4K resolution on your camera video settings and 25 frames per second 
  • Try to use a stable surface to rest your phone on when speaking to camera 
  • Make sure you're in a quiet place away from traffic or wind noise - we recommend listening back to your recording to check your voice can be heard clearly
  • If you have earphones with a microphone, try speaking into that to get a good recording (you don't need to put your earphones in to do this)
  • Position yourself to one side of the screen like the example below.
Share your National Cycle Network story

Position yourself slightly to the side of the shot when talking to camera.

What you need to do

1. Say to camera:

‘I am/My name is_____'

‘I love the National Cycle Network because _____________’

'Happy birthday National Cycle Network’


2. Share your National Cycle Network story to camera

Pick a couple of questions from below, or make up your own, and share your experiences and favourite bits of the National Cycle Network. We’re interested in everything.

  • When/How did you discover the routes of the Network?
  • What's your biggest memory of a route on the National Cycle Network?  
  • Where is your favourite place on the Network?
  • What would you say to anyone who hasn’t used the National Cycle Network?
  • How do you feel when you're on a traffic-free path? 
  • What has the Network meant to you during the Covid-19 pandemic? 
  • Share three things you love about the National Cycle Network

Top tip: repeat the question in your answer. For example, "Why do you love the NCN?" ''I love the NCN because..."


3. Film your National Cycle Network journey

If you're feeling confident and are able to do so, we would love for you to film your journey on the National Cycle Network. Film your local route, or show us a recent journey you’ve been on. Here’s a few ideas for you to capture.  

  • Your commute or trip to the shops
  • Push scooting on a traffic-free path
  • Walking your dog
  • Your favourite view
  • On the routes with friends and family
  • Enjoying a picnic en route

You can submit these videos as separate files. Please do not add music to your videos.


4. Where to send your video

Step 1: Fill out the Video Consent Form. 

Complete the form now. 

We need a completed consent form to allow us to use your footage.

Every recognisable person in your video needs to fill out a form. 


Step 2: Upload your video(s). 

It may take a few minutes for your files to upload. You will receive a notification at the top of the page once it is complete.

Deadline for submission is 15 September 2020


Thank you for supporting the National Cycle Network.

If you have any questions, or would prefer to send us your stories in writing, please email marketing@sustrans.org.uk