Scotland National Cycle Network closures and diversions

We encourage local authorities and other statutory bodies responsible for land traversed by the National Cycle Network to use their powers to keep National Cycle Network routes open, free from obstruction and well maintained.

Where routes are temporarily closed we ask that they make appropriate arrangements, including appropriate directional signage, and that they provide information to the public both before and during the work.

If we are notified we do our best to help by listing issues on this page and linking to the information they provide.

Please let us know of any significant route diversions or closures not mentioned below by emailing us at

Family cycling on National Route 7

Storms Arwen and Barra: Significant ongoing disruption across National Cycle Network routes.

We are receiving reports of significant disruption across many of Scotland's National Cycle Network routes due to damage caused by Storms Arwen and Barra.

Our Network Coordinators are liaising with landowners and access authorities, and the situation is shifting as more information emerges and remedial action is taken.

Please plan your journey with care, and contact us at with any storm-related disruption not listed below:

Tentsmuir Forest, Fife, Route 1: Forestry and Land Scotland have advised that Route 1 at Tentsmuir Forest (location) is currently impassable and closed due to large amount of fallen trees. Forestry and Land Scotland "strongly advise that visitors stay away from all forests for now." Updates available through FLS

Kinghouse- Killin, Perthshire, Route 7: Ongoing disruption due to fallen trees and storm damage (location). Due care and caution is advised when navigating the route.

Loch Venachar, Perthshire, Route 7: Complete route closure between Invertrossachs Estate and the Blackwater (location) due to storm damage. We are working with landowners to identify and sign a suitable diversion at the affected site. 

Montrose-Kinnaber, Angus, Route 1: Complete route closure between Montrose north towards Kinnaber (location) due to fallen trees and storm damage.

Knockentiber, East Ayrshire, Route 73: Route blockage west of Knockentiber (location) due to fallen trees and storm damage


Current closures and diversions

Route 1: Arbroath, Angus: Significant sporadic flooding along traffic-free coastal path close to Arbroath Golf Course due to adverse weather/high water table. Path may be impassable after heavy rainfall: long-term solution under development, due for completion March 2022.

We have been made aware that Route 1 close to Arbroath Golf Course (location) is currently experiencing significant and sporadic flooding following heavy rainfall. The path may be impassable following adverse weather.

Angus Council are aware of the issue. We are working with the council to develop a long-term solution, with construction anticipated to be complete by March 2022.

Please be aware when planning your journey that the path may be closed following adverse weather.

Route 1: Cullen to Portknockie: Ongoing disruption (October 2020)

Due to a landslip on Route 1 between Cullen and Portknockie in November 2017, this section of the route suffered extensive damage.

The local authority are currently looking at options to repair the route, with the path currently temporarily open but still showing signs of damage.

Please be vigilant in poor light and bad weather conditions.

Coast and Castles South (Former Route 1): Union Chain Bridge, Berwick-Upon-Tweed: Complete closure from 5th October 2020- March 2022. Signed diversion in place.

Due to substantial essential upgrade works, the listed Union Chain Bridge at Berwick-Upon-Tweed (location), will be closed from 5th October 2020 until March 2022. A cycling diversion will be signed at the affected site.

Route 7: Near Killin, Stirling. Traffic management along traffic-free path in place due to Vista Killin works, July 2021- October 2022. Please follow all signage.

We have been informed that, as part of the Vista Killin project on behalf of SSEN, a section of Route 7 near Killin (location) will be in use as a temporary access track between July 2021- October 2022.

Users are urged to follow all signage and instructions from site operatives at the affected site to ensure everyone's safety during the works.    

Route 73: Arran ferry (Ardrossan to Brodick) - (Route 73 northern section, Kilmarnock - Lochranza): Busy sailings, ongoing (October 2021)

Caledonian MacBrayne are suggesting to those wishing to take bikes on the Ardrossan to Brodick/Arran ferry (see map) that they should be aware that some sailings have become particularly popular, including with group rides.

CalMac have published information suggesting that they may need to limit access to particularly busy sailings, and asking that groups telephone to check for details.

We understand that their main concerns are around the 09:45 sailing on Saturdays (exact time may change with timetable updates), and their hope is that people choose alternate sailings if this is possible.

Route 75: Dalmarnock, Glasgow: Temporary path closure between Smart Bridge and A728 to facilitate shared-use path upgrades. 29th November 2021- July 2022. Signed diversion in place (incl. on-road stretch)

We have been informed by Glasgow City Council and RJ McLeod contractors that Route 75 between the Smart Bridge and A728 at Dalmarnock (location) will be closed from 29th November 2021 until July 2022 to facilitate path upgrades.

A diversion has been signed by the contractors, directing those walking, wheeling and cycling to the south of the Clyde.

Please note when planning your journey: this diversion will involve on-road stretches for those cycling. 

Route 75: Brookfield/East Fulton, Renfrewshire: Temporary path closure at Barrochan Road due to essential bridge strengthening works, 18th October 2021 for 12 weeks. No traffic-free diversion available at affected site.

We have been informed by partners at Renfrewshire Council that Route 75 will be closed at Barrochan Road, Renfrewshire (location) will be temporarily closed to facilitate essential bridge strengthening works

The traffic-free path will be closed for the duration of the works. No traffic-free alternative/diversion is available at the affected site; route users are urged to take this into account whilst planning their journey. 

Route 75: Mid Calder Weir, Livingston: Complete path closure due to fish pass construction, 23rd August-mid-March 2022. Signed, on-road diversion in place.

We have been informed by our partners at West Lothian Council that due to construction of a fish pass at Mid Calder Weir along the River Almond, a stretch of Route 75 (location) will be closed until end of February 2022, beginning 5th July 2021. 

A signed, on-road diversion using East Calder Main Street is in place. Due to lack of alternative traffic-free options, we would urge cyclists who wish to avoid on-road stretches to consider this when planning their route.

UPDATE 29/11/21: We have been informed by West Lothian Council that construction is now due for completion on 13th March 2022, necessitating an extension to the current closure/diversion.

Route 75: Hillend Reservoir, Caldercruix: Intermittent flooding along path, traffic-free route may be impassable following heavy rainfall.

We are aware of intermittent flooding affecting the traffic-free stretch of National Cycle Network Route 75 bordering Hillend Reservoir in Caldercruix, North Lanarkshire (location).

The route is currently navigable with care, but we are aware that water levels may rise to a level which makes the route impassable following heavy rainfall.

We are working with local stakeholders to investigate appropriate long-term solutions in line with current land ownership responsibilities. 

Route 75: Custom House Way, Greenock: Temporary diversion prior to route realignment, until April 2020 (Update June 2020: construction paused due to COVID-19, diversion remains in place)

We have been informed by our partners at Inverclyde Council that to allow construction works relating to the new cruise liner terminal to take place safely, a temporary diversion is in place along the coastal path section of Route 75 at Custom House Way, Greenock. A short diversion is signed at the affected site. 

Update 26/06/20: Due to contract re-tendering, works remain paused and a diversion in place on site for the foreseeable future. 

Route 76: Wholeflats Road- Kinneil Estate, Falkirk. Potential for higher traffic volumes due to M9 closure. 19:30-06:00, 15-18th February.

We have been informed by partners BEAR Scotland that higher traffic volumes may be expected on Route 76 between Wholeflats Road and Kinneil Estate (location) due to diversions in place to facilitate resurfacing work on the M9. 

The diversion will be in place from Tuesday 15th February between the hours of 19:30 and 06:00 each night. Works are expected to be completed by 6.00am on Friday 18th February. 

Route 78/Caledonia Way: Crinan Canal Towpath, Bellanoch Bridge east to Dunardy Lock 13: Complete path closure due to essential works. 28th January 2022- 11th March 2022.

We have been informed by partners at Scottish Canals that a complete path closure will be in place along the Crinan Canal Towpath between Dunardy Lock 13 and Bellanoch Bridge (location) to facilitate essential remedial works.

The closure will be in place for the duration of the works programme, scheduled to take place between Monday 24th January and 7th March 2022.

More information and updates is available via Scottish Canals (link).

Route 78/Caledonia Way: Cullochy Locks, Caledonian Canal, Aberchalder: Minor disruption due to essential lock works, November 2021- Easter 2022. Through access maintained/no route closure.

We have been informed by partners at Scottish Canals that minor disruption may affect those walking, wheeling and cycling along the Caledonia Way/Route 78 at Cullochy Locks (location).

The route will remain open throughout the works programme, and a temporary canal crossing via pontoon will be in place for the duration. Minor delays may be possible at certain times for safety reasons- Scottish Canals staff will be on site to ensure safe escort/passage through the site.

Route 78/Caledonia Way: Clunes, Loch Lochy, Lochaber: Disruption due to felling work by ForestryScotland. 1st March 2021- early 2022. Access maintained, but extra care advised.

Forestry and Land Scotland have felling work programmed for an area of forest close to Route 78/Caledonia Way north of Clunes (location).

This operation will involve a skyline winch extracting produce from a steep hillside above the forest road and will affect access along The Caledonia Way between March 2021-early 2022.

ForestryScotland have confirmed that access will be maintained through the site for the duration of the works. This access will be strictly controlled by bankspersons, who will manage safe passage through the site.

We have also been advised that it is also likely that the road surface will be disturbed due to Forwarder traction (which cannot be avoided), and will therefore have some impact on those walking, wheeling and cycling. Additional care is asked for from all users while passing through the 'active zone.'

Route 196: Auchendinny, north of Penicuik: Local complete closure, ongoing (October 2021)

Midlothian Council have published a notice to say that damage to Wester Auchendinny Bridge above the shared-use path has led to the complete closure of Route 196 at Auchendinny. We are not aware of any signed diversion at the affected site. 

Up-to-date information about closures and diversions along Route 754 (Forth & Clyde and Union Canal towpaths) is published on Scottish Canals' Works and Updates page (link) 

Route 754: Union Canal Towpath: Redding Road to Station Road, Polmont. Complete closure due to path upgrades, 24th January 2022- 4th February 2022. Signed diversion signed on site.

We have been informed by our partners at Scottish Canals that the Union Canal towpath/Route 754 between Redding Road and Station Road in Polmont (location) will be closed from 24th January 2022 until 4th February 2022.

Due to the lack of traffic-free alternative, an on-road diversionary route using Redding Road and Main Street will be signed at the affected site. Users are asked to take this into account when planning their journey.

Route 754: Union Canal Towpath: Polmont. Disruption due to canal dredging, through passage maintained, 7th February 2022- 7th March 2022

We have been informed by out partners at Scottish Canals that minor disruption is to be expected between Ratho Bridge 14 and Gogar Bridge 15 along Route 754 (location) to facilitate dredging works from 7th February- 7th March 2022.

The towpath will remain open but users are asked to be vigilant when using this section of the towpath. Contractors will be on site to offer safe escorted passage.

More details via Scottish Canals (link)

Route 754 (link): Forth & Clyde Towpath: Stockingfield Junction- Ruchill Street. Complete path closure due to bridge construction, November 2020- July 2022. Long-term 4.4km diversion, via Route 756/Kelvin Walkway, signed on site. 

As part of the construction of the new Stockingfield Bridge, it is necessary to temporarily close a section of the Route 754 link along the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath between Ruchill Street in Maryhill and Stockingfield Junction (location) from November 23, 2020 to approximately July 2022.

A 4.4km towpath diversion has been put in place for walkers and cyclists that follows the River Kelvin, avoiding the traffic-heavy alternative of Maryhill Road. The route, which has been agreed between Scottish Canals, Sustrans and Glasgow City Council, will be clearly marked and letters are being distributed to local residents by our contractor.

Route 754: Forth and Clyde Canal Towpath, between Bridge Street, Bonnybridge and the Falkirk Wheel: Complete path closure due to essential works, 8th November 2021- 11th March 2022. Signed diversion in place. 

A temporary path closure is in place at Rowantree Embankment, Route 754/the Forth and Clyde Canal at Bonnybridge (location) to allow essential work to install piling at four locations; this is to stop leakage and improve safety.

A signed diversion, using the John Muir Way, will be in place for the duration of the works, Monday 8th November 2021 until 11th March 2022.

More information on the works and diversionary route can be found at Scottish Canals' project page (link).

Update 20/12/21: Scottish Canals will temporarily reopen the path between 24/12/21 and 10/01/22

Route 756: Glasgow, West End: Various short diversions in place along Kelvin Walkway to facilitate Scottish Water improvement works, until Autumn 2022.

We have been informed by partners at Scottish Water that due to essential upgrade works at 11 locations along or near the River Kelvin in Glasgow's West End, National Cycle Network Route 756 (location) will be subject to minor disruption until Autumn 2022.

The Kelvin Walkway will remain open throughout the works for cyclists and pedestrians either via short diversions or narrowing of the shared path. More details can be found at Scottish Water's project page, including affected locations and diversionary routes (link).

Route 756: Glasgow (riverside paths): Ongoing closures and disruption (October 2021)

In Glasgow, a drop in water levels following the failure of the functioning of the River Clyde tidal weir in August 2017 caused some considerable damage to sections of the riverside paths upstream of the weir. Several sections of path have been re-opened, but it is clear that there will be some path closures and diversions in the longer term. 

Route 756 south of the river between Florence Street and Richmond Park is closed long term.