Scotland National Cycle Network closures and diversions

We encourage local authorities and other statutory bodies responsible for land traversed by the National Cycle Network to use their powers to keep National Cycle Network routes open, free from obstruction and well maintained.

Where routes are temporarily closed we ask that they make appropriate arrangements, including appropriate directional signage, and that they provide information to the public both before and during the work.

If we are notified we do our best to help by listing issues on this page and linking to the information they provide.

Please let us know of any significant route diversions or closures not mentioned below by emailing us at

Family cycling on National Route 7

Current closures and diversions

Route 1: Cullen to Portknockie: Ongoing disruption (June 2020)

Due to a landslip on Route 1 between Cullen and Portknockie in November 2017, this section of the route suffered extensive damage. They are currently looking at options to repair the route, with the path currently temporarily open but still showing signs of damage. Please be vigilant in poor light and bad weather conditions.

Route 1: between Dalkeith and Musselburgh: Temporary closure (June 2020)

Due to maintenance by Scottish Power, the bridge on Route 1 over the A68 Dalkeith Northern Bypass will be closed for up to two weeks. There are alternative routes for people walking, cycling and riding horses via B6414, the A6094 and the access road.

Route 1: Coltbridge Viaduct, Roseburn Path, Edinburgh. Complete path closure by City of Edinburgh Council (17 June 2020- end of July 2020)

We have been made aware that City of Edinburgh Council have implemented a complete closure of the Roseburn Path between Russell Road and Coltbridge Viaduct (location), effective 15th June 2020- 29th July 2020. A diversion may be signed at the affected site; please contact City of Edinburgh Council for more details on this closure (link)

Update 19/06/20: City of Edinburgh Council have advised that the Roseburn Path will be opened at weekends when circumstances allow, beginning 19/6/20. This will be reviewed weekly.

Update 26/06/20: We have been advised by City of Edinburgh Council's Active Travel team that due to the continuation of deck repair work, Coltbridge Viaduct will remain closed over the weekend commencing 26/06/20.

More details are available through @edintravel and @edinhelp on Twitter. 

Route 1: Innocent Railway Tunnel, Edinburgh: Temporary closure (13th-14th July 2020)

Due to the presence of heavy plant machinery undertaking maintenance and graffiti removal work, we have been informed by our partners at City of Edinburgh Council that the Innocent Railway Tunnel (location) will be temporarily closed to the public on 13th and 14th July 2020. A short diversionary route will be signed on-site for the duration.

Route 7: Strathyre: Temporary path closure, 2 weeks from 16th March 2020. Diversion signed on site. (Update June 2020: Completion delayed due to COVID-19)

Due to path improvement works at Strathyre, National Cycle Network Route 7 to the north of the village will follow a temporarily diverted alignment for 3 weeks. 

Update 23/6/20: we now expect these works to take place during June/July 2020 due to COVID-19

Route 7: Dalwhinnie, Highland: Complete path closure, March 2020. Arrangements in place to escort pedestrians and cyclists through work site. (Update June 2020: works paused, due to restart summer 2020)

We have been advised by BEAR Scotland that due to essential works on the A889 railway bridge, north of Dalwhinnie Distillery, it will be necessary to implement a full road closure, affecting Route 7, from the end of March 2020. BEAR Scotland will escort pedestrians and cyclists through the affected site during the programme, but some disruption is to be expected.

Update 23/6/20: we now expect these works to restart during June/July 2020 due to COVID-19

Route 7: Brow Well Bridge, B725, Dumfries: Temporary crossing in place until at least summer 2020 (Update June 2020: expected completion autumn 2020)

We have been advised that due to a partial bridge collapse, Brow Well Bridge in Dumfries along National Cycle Network Route 7 is currently closed to all traffic. A temporary crossing adjacent to the previous bridge is now in place for pedestrians and cyclists.

Update 23/6/20: we now expect these works to restart during June/July 2020 due to COVID-19, with an estimation completion date of autumn 2020. 

Route 7: Maybole, South Ayrshire: Complete closure of Gardenrose Path from 19 August until approx. May 2020. Signed diversion in place. (Update June 2020: construction delayed due to COVID-19)

Due to the ongoing Maybole Bypass works, Gardenrose Path along Route 7 at Maybole will be closed from Monday 19 August. A diversion for pedestrians and those using bikes will be in place from the junction of Cargill Avenue and Gardenrose Path, with Route 7 temporarily realigned along Kirklandhill Path for the duration of the works.

Update 23/6/20: Due to delays caused by COVID-19, we now expect these works to be completed in autumn 2020. Further information can be found at Transport Scotland's Progress Update page.

Route 73: Arran ferry (Ardrossan to Brodick) - (Route 73 northern section, Kilmarnock - Lochranza): Busy sailings, ongoing (June 2020)

Caledonian MacBrayne are suggesting to those wishing to take bikes on the Ardrossan to Brodick/Arran ferry (see map) that they should be aware that some sailings have become particularly popular, including with group rides. They have published information suggesting that they may need to limit access to particularly busy sailings, and asking that groups telephone to check for details. We understand that their main concerns are around the 09:45 sailing on Saturdays (exact time may change with timetable updates), and their hope is that people choose alternate sailings if this is possible.

Route 75: Telford Bridge, Leith, Edinburgh: Complete path closure by City of Edinburgh Council (22 June 2020 for 11 weeks)

We have been made aware that City of Edinburgh Council will be implementing a complete closure of the Water of Leith walkway at Telford Bridge (location), effective 22nd June 2020 for 11 weeks. A diversion may be signed at the affected site. Please contact City of Edinburgh Council for more details on this closure (link) or check @edintravel and @edinhelp on Twitter. 

Route 75: Custom House Way, Greenock: Temporary diversion prior to route realignment, until April 2020 (Update June 2020: construction paused due to COVID-19, diversion remains in place)

We have been informed by our partners at Inverclyde Council that to allow construction works relating to the new cruise liner terminal to take place safely, a temporary diversion is in place along the coastal path section of Route 75 at Custom House Way, Greenock. A short diversion is signed at the affected site. 

Update 26/06/20: Due to contract retendering, works remain paused and a diversion in place on site for the foreseeable future. 

Route 78: Aberchalder: Temporary diversion due to access improvement works, from 16th March 2020 (Update June 2020: construction postponed due to COVID-19, now commencing July 2020)

We have been informed by our partners at RJ McLeod that due to ramp and gate works along Route 78 at Aberchalder, a temporary diversion will be in place for pedestrians and cyclists from 16th March 2020.

Route 78: Ledaig: minor disruption along route for 4 weeks, beginning 9th March 2020.

Due to essential path works, we are expecting minor disruption along the traffic-free section of the Caledonia Way at Ledaig for 4 weeks, beginning 9th March. The route will be passable, but cyclists and pedestrians are advised to exercise care and be aware of any instructions from contractors.

Route 78: Barcaldine Bridge; disruption due to structural damage (June 2020).

Due to structural damage, we advise all users to avoid using the Barcaldine Bridge along Route 78 and to plan an alternative route where possible. A route diversion, running adjacent to the A828, is signposted locally, avoiding the damaged bridge.

Route 78: Fort Augustus- Aberchalder Bridge: complete closure of Caledonian Canal Towpath (Update June 2020: works paused and towpath reopened to through access, but caution advised due to rough surface)

Scottish Canals have advised that due to substantial critical works to replace the lock gates at Kytra, the Caledonian Canal towpath will be closed to all users between Fort Augustus and Aberchalder Bridge. Scottish Canals will be providing a shuttle bus/taxi between these locations, with details available at the affected site.

Update 29/06/20: We have been advised by Scottish Canals that the towpath has reopened at Kytra. Caution is advised due to rough surface conditions. 

Route 196: Auchendinny, north of Penicuik: Local complete closure, ongoing (June 2020)

Midlothian Council have published a notice to say that damage to Wester Auchendinny Bridge above the shared-use path has led to the complete closure of Route 196 at Auchendinny. We are not aware of any signed diversion at the affected site. 

Route 756: Glasgow (riverside paths): Ongoing closures and disruption (June 2020)

In Glasgow a drop in water levels following the failure of the functioning of the River Clyde tidal weir in August 2017 caused some considerable damage to sections of the riverside paths upstream of the weir. Several sections of path have been re-opened, but it is clear that there will be some path closures and diversions in the longer term. 

Route 756 south of the river between Florence Street and Richmond Park is closed long term.