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People are actively engaged in their community, caring about their neighbourhood and the people, environment and wildlife within it.

That's why we want to recognise and celebrate them!


Volunteering has an immeasurable impact

It is not always visible, but volunteering has a direct impact on communities and the people within them.

Most of the time, this impact cannot be measured. However, it can be shared.

We have many impactful stories to share.

They all show how both small and large, regular or occasional volunteering contributions all have a positive impact.

One impactful story is the incredible help from volunteers that we have received on physical barriers.

Their help makes it possible for everyone to get around on the National Cycle Network.

Our volunteers’ help in checking on physical barriers on the Network has meant that we can redesign these for better accessibility.

A local Sustrans team received the following message from Jane in Ayrshire, who was affected by our work.

Jane pictured on her recumbent where a barrier had previously stopped her accessing the National Cycle Network.

Jane, Ayrshire

I am so thankful for your help in this matter. It means that not only can I reach the park, but the other cycle routes that stem from there.

I wish that I could adequately describe in words what a difference this makes for me.

Read Jane's story

Thank you for your invaluable contributions

We cannot say this enough.

Thank you to everyone who supports our mission by volunteering and being actively engaged in their community.


We know that, thanks to people volunteering:

  • the National Cycle Network is clear of litter and spaces are greener for wildlife
  • people have an opportunity to improve their cycling skills
  • being active in our daily lives is being promoted far more widely within communities
  • travelling to school is made safer
  • children and young people are empowered to be active
  • we can make paths more accessible for everyone more quickly
  • cycles are fixed and people are taught how to look after them
  • people can meet new people in their area and go for local walks together
  • the National Cycle Network signs are easy to read, and paths are clear to ride on
  • our own teams can get more done because of volunteer support on all fronts
  • we can tell stories with their creative input, images and videos
  • people can experience the positive mental health and physical wellbeing benefits of being active
  • and so much more.

We would not be able to achieve what we do without the thousands of people volunteering around the UK.

A very big thank you for everything that you do!

An Active Travel Champion leading a lunchtime walk

A volunteer leads a walk in Scotland. Credit: Julie Howden

Volunteering stories

Read stories about volunteering from across the UK.

Celebrating volunteering and your stories  

We want to share your stories and recognise the positive impact you have on others, your local community and yourself. 

Have a look at our great map of volunteering stories from 2022 to get some ideas.

Or watch our volunteering celebration video to get inspired.  

We heard about Rowan’s story, who started volunteering during the pandemic.

She has since told us about her experiences.

A closeup of a young person with glasses and a black baseball hat on smiling at the camera

Rowan, Sustrans volunteer

I’ve really appreciated volunteering with Sustrans as I enjoy working with children.

It’s always so nice to see the children engaging with the activities that we did with them.

Doing the Dr Bike sessions gave me practical skills, which have been beneficial to my university degree.

These are the kind of skills that you often wouldn’t gain from other types of volunteering.

Read Rowan's story

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Maybe they walk with local people during the week, pick up litter, cycle with people, count butterflies on the National Cycle Network or raise awareness about active travel.

However small or large a volunteering contribution, everyone should be recognised.

We would love to hear your story.

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