Research, monitoring and evaluation

We specialise in active travel, making the case for walking and cycling by using robust evidence and showing what can be done.

For over 15 years we have pioneered the development of monitoring, evaluation and appraisal techniques for active travel

Our team of over 30 researchers, analysts and evaluation specialists work closely with partners from across the UK to ensure we have a clear understanding of the impact of Sustrans work and the wider context of the benefits of active travel.

Economic appraisal and business case support

Decision-makers require evidence to assess the potential reach, effectiveness and value of proposed solutions.

We pioneer best practice appraisal approaches (including supporting the development of WebTAG and HEAT) to estimate the likely impact of particular interventions and produce robust economic benefit figures.

Monitoring and evaluation

Our monitoring and evaluation frameworks help you understand the outcomes of your programmes alongside what is and isn't working so that you can make the best use of available funds and resources.

We offer a comprehensive service in evaluating interventions designed to increase active travel. Our extensive experience of monitoring walking and cycling enabling programmes positions us as a leader in this field.

Our evaluations utilise a five-step process:

  1. Developing evaluation frameworks
  2. Logic mapping
  3. Delivering quantitative and qualitative data capture
  4. Analysing the results
  5. Reporting

Modelling and forecasting

We use a range of tools and approaches to project cycling levels, estimate propensity to cycle and calculate the required investment to meet targets. We tailor our approach to client needs, drawing on experience in gathering data on the target population and the local area and, where appropriate, applying geographic information systems (GIS) approaches to our analysis.


Designing, delivering and informing research projects in partnership with academics across the UK, and undertaking analysis and evidence reviews on issues relevant to active and sustainable travel.

Training and guidance

Providing best practice guidance and training, including support with implementation, across all areas of our expertise.

A women cycles through birmingham on a warm sunny day

Bike Life

Bike Life is the UK’s biggest assessment of cycling delivered by Sustrans in collaboration with seven cities.

'Women: reducing the gender gap' report is an example of our research in this area. 

Women: Reducing the gender gap

Hands Up Scotland Survey

The Hands Up Scotland Survey looks at how pupils across Scotland travel to school and nursery. Established in 2008, the survey has been providing an insight into journeys to school for more than a decade and is the largest national dataset on school travel.

Hands Up Scotland Survey

Our latest research

If you would like to commission our services, contact the Research and Monitoring Unit:

Andy Cope

Director of Evidence and Insight at Sustrans