One Path Initiative: Developing a positive culture on busy paths

The One Path Initiative is an effective approach developed and piloted by Sustrans to tackle conflict on paths and promote positive actions and behaviour by all users.

This initiative was developed as an alternative to physical signage and it focuses on behaviour change rather than rules and regulations. 

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We engage with path users, listen to their concerns, analyse the issues and then work with them to find a solution.

One Path Initiative Brochure

Aims of the One Path Initiative

The One Path Initiative's core objective is to improve communication and understanding between the people who use the path. It achieves this goal by:

  • Understanding who uses the path and their individual needs.
  • Improving relations amongst the users.
  • Reducing conflict and thereby complaints.
  • Avoiding physical interventions and/or permanent signage and the resulting expense.
  • Ensuring all the agencies involved in the management of the path deliver a consistent message.

Share Respect Enjoy

We use a variety of tried and tested communication methods to promote the One Path key principles of Share, Respect and Enjoy, including Sustrans volunteer-run events, on-path signage and press and social media.

We always deliver a consistent message to all users, regardless of how they access the path or the purpose of their journey.

Have a look at our latest Share Respect Enjoy social media campaign to promote responsible shared use of the National Cycle Network this summer

Cyclist passing two walkers on cycle path, both parties waving to each other

Implementing the One Path Initiative on the Comber Greenway

The Comber Greenway is a seven-mile route built on the corridor of the disused Belfast and County Down railway. Over the years, sections of the disused railway line were turned into cycling and walking routes but the increasing popularity led to a rise in complaints from path users about the behaviour of other users.

Find out more about the One Path Initiative on the Comber Greenway
Little girl on scooter, two women walking dogs, one woman with pushchair and boy behind the group on cycle path

Making the Bristol and Bath Railway Path better for all

The One Path: BS5 project seeks to build on the success of the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, while addressing issues that sometimes arise on one of its busiest stretches.

Making the Bristol and Bath Railway Path better for all
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