This primarily urban-character route runs from East Kilbride to meet the Clyde at Rutherglen. It runs along the south bank of the Clyde, joins Route 75 briefly on the north bank of the Clyde at Anderston. From there it heads northwards using some urban roads, passes through Kelvingrove Park, before following the path beside the river Kelvin as far as Maryhill and the Forth & Clyde Canal.

The southern section of Route 765 is primarily a commuter route, running for 7½ miles from East Kilbride to Rutherglen, in south-east Glasgow. From East Kilbride station the route follows residential streets and a short section of railway path. Beyond this it uses a mix of roadside shared-use pavement and minor roads to leave East Kilbride and reach a long stretch of shared-use pavement beside the very busy Glasgow Road (A749). From the outskirts of Glasgow the route mainly uses residential roads, and some further sections of shared-use pavement to make its way beneath the M74.

More recent developments within Glasgow mean that Route 756 now travels along the south bank of the Clyde to the Tradeston Footbridge. Here it crosses to the north bank of the Clyde, joining National Route 75 for about 500 metres before leaving this again as Route 75 passes beneath the M8 (Kinsgston Bridge).

Cross the road using the signalised crossing and follow the signed route as it loops over Stobcross Street and joins Argyle Street. Look out for the Portrait Bench here which features 'local heroes' Tom Weir, James Watt and Jimmy Reid. It marks the Connect2 project to complete the Bridge to Nowhere (now the Bridge to Everywhere), which loops over the M8 and links to Central Station. 

Continue west along Argyle Street and turns right onto Elderslie Street on a two-way segregated cycle path, which continues left onto Berkley Street and then right up to Kelvingrove Park. The route goes through the park and alongside the tree-lined River Kelvin for 2.5 miles on shared paths. There's lots to see as you pass under bridges, by fine buildings, the site of the North Woodside Flint Mill and past the Botanic Gardens.

At Maryhill, the path heads up to join the Forth & Clyde Canal where the canal aqueduct passes over the River Kelvin. The canal is also part of National Route 754 which heads west to Bowling and east past the Maryhill Locks and Stockingfield Junction to the Falkirk Wheel, where the route joins the Union Canal all the way to Edinburgh.

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