Route 622 - Preston Guild Wheel

Route 622 encircles the city of Preston in Lancashire. This route is known locally as the 'Preston Guild Wheel', and it passes by docklands, parks and nature reserves - making it a great day out for all.

The route is a 21-mile long "greenway" encircling the city of Preston and is known locally as the Preston Guild Wheel. The route passes sights such as Preston Docklands, Avenham and Miller Parks and Brockholes Nature Reserve. The route follows mainly the River Ribble to the south, and goes as far as Broughton in the north. Around the route are 21 wooden mile markers showing how many miles you are from the start point at Avenham Park.

Lancashire County Council also developed an audio trail inspired by locations on the route. You can listen to these compositions and read some commentaries by scanning the QR codes attached to some of the Mile Markers on the route.

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