Darran Valley

This ride takes you through the south Wales valleys and offers you an easy, traffic-free journey through the areas industrial past and stunning natural scenery.

Starting out in Bargoed's Bristol Terrace, this cycle path runs along abandoned rail track and under a number of historic bridges used to transport coal from nearby collieries dotted around the surrounding countryside. The former Bargoed Colliery was a record breaker in its hey-day: in one 10-hour shift in December 1908 grafting mine workers unearthed a world record 4,562 tons of coal.

Amid the outstanding beauty of this trail is evidence of the area's great industrial past - the former Groesfaen slag heaps are still dominant in the landscape. You eventually stumble on Deri, a small town on the fringes of unspoiled Parc Cwm Darran two miles north of Bargoed. The Park has a visitor centre open in the summer. Built on the former Ogilvie Colliery it features one of Wales' last remaining Powder Stores, a cafe as well as an interactive learning centre telling the story of the area's great industrial past.

The park also acts as a gateway to the wildlife havens of Cwmllydrew Meadows, three meadows and a shady oak tree wood. Green woodpeckers have been spotted at this nature reserve along with Yellow Meadow Ant anthills. The meadows are also a haven for rare butterflies.

A section of the route travels onwards for just over a mile, past fields of horses and brooding forestry before reaching the community of Fochriw - a town with a huge mining history, which is also connected with Arthurian legend.

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