Cycling to work: Commuting without the stress

Woman with brown hair wearing red jacket standing by blue bike

Nicola uses her local traffic-free cycle path for both the school run and commuting to work.

Nicola began cycling to work in March 2017, when her role in timetabling services with Belfast Metropolitan College was relocated to the Belfast Titanic Quarter campus.

To save money on car parking and to keep fit she decided that cycling to work would be a good option for her.

Nicola told us:

“I work full-time and have a daughter who is going into her last year at primary school, so life is busy. I live really close to the Connswater Community Greenway, which links to my daughter’s school and takes me onto National Route 93 of the National Cycle Network. This means I can cycle safely with her to school and then on to work.”

Weather permitting, Nicola aims to cycle to work five days a week: “Cycling to and from work means I don’t have to find time to fit in exercise in the evenings.”

“It takes me 30 minutes to get to work, which is the same amount of time I would spend sitting in rush hour traffic every day, and I arrive at work stress free. Parking charges at Titanic Quarter are expensive, so I save around £70 a month on parking fees alone by cycling to work. Also, accessing the Greenway means I don’t have to journey on any of the main roads which is an added bonus.”

Commuting on the National Cycle Network

As stories like Nicola's show, people don't just use the National Cycle Network for leisure outings. Our review found that 56% of all journeys on the Network are taken for functional reasons, like getting to work, doing the school run or heading out to the shops. 

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