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woman in park with bike

Cycling to work

Be inspired to start cycling to work and feel fitter and healthier than ever before.

Gordon Stewart is a workplace volunteer in Glasgow, encouraging and inspiring his colleagues to walk, jog, and cycle to and from work. 

Two men sharing a tandem cycle, one wearing blue fleece and helmet, one wearing red fleece with no helmet

Gareth is a retired teacher and now works as Joe’s carer, find out more about how they found their journey greatly improved since a Sustrans-funded initiative saw the barriers taken down to make the route more accessible for those with disabilities.

woman in countryside

For former headteacher Penny Kelly, National Cycle Network Route 51 is more than just a connection from Thurston and Bury St Edmunds, it’s a way for her to stay active into her retirement whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

group with bikes

Gary has always enjoyed cycling and how five years ago he took up riding his bike to work to try and lose weight. Now as well as cycling to work, he runs regular led bike rides along the Sea to Sea (C2C) for people who want to improve their health.