Inspiring stories

Toby on his bike

Cycling to work changed my life

Be inspired to transform your lifestyle by starting to walk and cycle to work.

We caught up with Carole Jones, a retired teacher, to find out more about her experiences of cycling to relieve stress.

Dennis cycling on Quietway 2 in London

Dennis has been cycling since the age of 15, for over half a century, enjoying the freedom, friendships and adventure cycling brings.

Two cyclists pose by bikes

Clare, a 34-year-old seasoned triathlete and self-confessed fitness fanatic, who’s recently switched to commuting by e-bike.

Richard Bond, commuter cyclist, with his bike in Manchester

Richard started cycling to work in Manchester in middle-age and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly his nine-mile round trip got easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Lorreine started cycling the 12-mile round trip between Watford and Hemel Hempstead two years ago. She now rides her bike to work at least three times a week come rain or shine and wouldn’t want to commute any other way.

Quietways help more people cycle by avoiding busy roads

Ever since moving to London, Ken felt that cycling was something that other people did. Having a Quietway route to cycle on has been a turning point and it's helped Ken realise that London is actually a great city to cycle in. 

Sylvia hopes to still be cycling when she is 90

Sylvia started cycling regularly when she was 70, and has never looked back. From keeping fit, to enjoying nature and making new friends, she explains why cycling helps her feel a million dollars.

Gordon encouraging fellow employees to start cycling to work

Gordon Stewart is a workplace volunteer in Glasgow, encouraging and inspiring his colleagues to walk, jog, and cycle to and from work.