Bike maintenance

Hand squeezing a bike tyre

These 11 easy checks will help ensure your bike is safe to ride

M check for your bike in 11 easy steps

Like any machine, a bicycle will work better and last longer if you care for it properly. Get in the habit of checking your bike regularly – simple checks and maintenance can help you enjoy hassle-free riding and avoid repairs.

Fixing a bicycle puncture

Thankfully, punctures don’t happen often, but when they do they are easy to fix yourself.
Watch our video and to find out how simple it is.

hands on a bike cog

It's a good idea to give your bike a clean now and then. It'll keep it running smoothly and can prolong the life of some of the parts.
Check out our easy guide on how to give your bike a good scrub.

Anna looking out to the sea with her bike

Anna Hughes has thousands of miles of experience cycle touring in the UK and Europe. She shares some hard-won lessons on how to cope when things go wrong on the roadside.