Tips for cycling in winter

Photo of female cyclist wearing sunglasses, gloves and winter coat cycling through a city park

10 tips and motivation for cycle commuting in winter

We asked our staff how they cope and what keeps them motivated during the colder seasons.

Photo of a man cycling on protected cycle path wearing high-vis jacket

With help from the Met Office, we've debunked five common myths about cycling and bad weather. 

Photo of a robin on a bicycle handle bar

There is still a lot of wonderful wildlife to see at this time of year. So wrap up warm and get out onto the National Cycle Network for a wintery wildlife trail. 

Photo of commuters walking and cycling on Bristol and Bath Railway Path, National Route 4 in wntery and snowy conditions ©Sustrans, 2013

Snow can make cycling quite perilous, here are some tips for safe cycling in snow.

photo of cyclists at night with lights on their bikes on a protected cycle path

It’s important at this time of year to think ahead and make sure you're prepared for cycling in the dark. Follow our top tips to help ensure you are visible to other road users. 

Photo of girl wearing winter clothes next to parked bikes, ©2017, Sustrans,

Here are our top tips on how to stay happy and safe on your bike when cycling during the cold and icy winter months.