Cycling for women

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Riding a bike feels so empowering – so why don’t women cycle more?

Pauline will cycle sometimes on the roads on a Sunday but can’t bring herself to cycle at other busy times. There’s a confidence issue there of how to overcome that barrier of fear and anxiety about being on the road with traffic.

woman cyclist in front of blue wall

There are some obvious physical differences between men and women, and bikes are designed with this in mind. In this section we cover some of the specific design differences in bikes for women, and what to look out for.

cycling during pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn't mean you need to put your bike away. As long as you feel safe, confident and comfortable, you can continue cycling in pregnancy. 

Cycling while pregnant

With recent studies showing that the benefits of cycling outweigh the risks at 10:1, I know I'm providing a good start in life for my baby by being healthy and fit.

Woman with her bike. Image credit: J Bewley/photojB

Cycling is a fantastic means of empowering women to take their space and be visible, to build confidence and become active in their communities. Our Bike Life women focussed report looks at the barriers to cycling and what can be done to help more women cycle.