Cycling to UK festivals 2017

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Pace yourself to make sure you have plenty of energy left for the festival

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Some festivals have bike lockers on site, supported cycling trips and hot showers

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Cycling to a festival is a perfect way to get you in the mood for partying

We’ve chosen our favourite festivals to get to by bike, and set out some top tips to help you get there. So whatever music you’re into or festival experience you’re after, the National Cycle Network can help you get there in a fun and sustainable way.

Glastonbury, 21-25 June

Glasto, the biggest and without doubt one of the very best. The site is just a few miles south of National Route 3, which runs between Glastonbury and Wells. As part of the festival’s continued commitment to reducing audience transport CO2 emissions, they encourage people to cycle to the festival.

Cycling to a festival is a perfect way to get you in the mood for partying and letting your hair down. It will help you build your stamina if you’re planning to do some serious dancing, save a few pennies on transport and reduce your carbon footprint!

- Jenny,
Sustrans' events co-ordinator

Latitude Festival, 13-16 July

This year Latitude Festival returns to Henham Park, Suffolk and as well as offering alternative and leftfield music there is theatre and, back by popoular demand, swimming experiences!

National Route 1 runs a few miles from the festival and runs the length of the country from London up to Scotland.

The Suffolk landscape is pancake-flat for miles around the festival and there are many local train stations if you don’t want to ride the whole way. Our pocket-sized Suffolk cycle map will help guide you directly to your destination.

Secret Garden Party, 20-24 July

Weird and wonderful, the Secret Garden Party is a feast for the senses. Both Route 12 and Route 51 of the National Cycle Network pass close to Abbots Ripton where the festival takes place. It’s a nice flat area so you won’t have to cycle your tent up many hills.

For a map of the cycle routes in the area pick up our cycle map of South Cambridgeshire

MugStock, 28-30 July

Situated in the stunning grounds of Mugdock Country Park, just 10 miles from Glasgow’s centre, making it an ideal festival to cycle to. Heading north-west out of Glasgow on National Route 754, you can join part of the new ‘Bearsway’ segregated cycle path in Bearsden. Or for those looking for a more adventurous cycle, Route 755 continues on from Route 754 at Kirkintilloch and takes users to within a short distance of the festival site, almost entirely on traffic free roads.

Our Glasgow cycle map is ideal for finding your way out of the city for the weekend.

Green Man Festival, 17-20 August

The beautiful Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal cycle path passes within a few miles of the festival site. The canal links with Route 8 which connects Cardiff and Brecon and then country lanes through Mid Wales, following the course of the River Wye. 

Our Celtic Trail cycle map is ideal for navigating your way to Green Man Festival. 

Shamabala, 24-27 August

One of the best, magical festivals around with an eclectic line up and loads to entertain adults and kids alike. If you are planning on using the National Cycle Network to reach the Shambala site, Route 6 will take you within a few miles of all the fun! Further information on how to get to the site is available on their website. 

Want to take a map with you on your journey to Shambala? Our Warwickshire & the South Midlands cycle map has got you covered.

Our top 5 tips for cycling to festivals

1. Check out the travel information for the festival

This may sound obvious, but many UK festivals want to help people to cycle. Some have bike lockers on site, supported cycling trips, and hot showers on arrival at the festival. There are also organised group rides you can join for some of the larger festivals.

2. Pack light

Again, if you’re a regular festival attendee this won’t be a revelation to you, but it’s even more important if you plan on cycling. Invest in some panniers – they keep your luggage out of the way and also keep your bike evenly balanced. Roll your clothes to make them smaller – you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in!

3. Plan your route

You don’t want to head off with good intentions, only to rock up late and miss your favourite band because you’ve been lost down country lanes.

Make sure you know where you’re going before you set off. We have printed cycle maps for the areas around all of these festivals available from our online shop.  

4. Pace yourself

If you’re not an experienced cyclist don’t push yourself physically before a big weekend. Make sure you have plenty of time to get to the site – with lots of stops and hearty grub on the way. 

If you’re making a long cycle trip of it and want a comfy bed and a shower a night or two before, find cycle friendly places to stay.

5. Do it with friends

Cycling with a big group of friends makes it a real adventure. Why not get a bunch of friends together and turn the journey into a pre-festival holiday?

Ideas for fun camping trips you can do by bike