How to look ready for work after cycling

A male cyclist riding through London with other cyclists in the background

Cycling to work is becoming more common across the UK

Cyclists riding along a cycling track in London while buses pass in the background

With careful preparation and the right equipment, you can arrive from your cycling commute looking ready for work

Cycling commuters are growing in numbers. More people than ever before are choosing to ditch the car, hop off the train and swerve the bus. Whether you’re a cycling novice or a seasoned pro, the idea of cycling to work comes with multiple issues. Dealing with traffic and tackling roundabouts are legitimate worries, but what about when you get to work? How do you turn up at your desk without being soaked in sweat and looking like you’ve been dragged backwards through a hedge? Don’t worry, we have the answers.

Keep rollin’

If your work requires that you dress smartly, creasing your clothes is a major concern when it comes to cycling in. However, thankfully, plenty of high street retailers are now stocking anti-crease clothing that is perfect for packing into those panniers. But, for those of you who are yet to update your wardrobe, tightly rolling your work clothes is the perfect way to combat creasing and turn up to work looking fresh as a daisy rather than like a crumpled sweet wrapper.

Get the right gear

In order to ensure you arrive at work looking as professional as you can, you need to get yourself the right gear. A well-fitted bike, breathable clothing, panniers, sunglasses or goggles and a supply of drinking liquids will give you the best chance of achieving your mission. Whatever you do, make sure that you have picked up the right equipment before setting off on your bike - failure to do so could leave you with egg on your face.

Plan ahead

Organisation is key when it comes to an active commute. In order to look ready for work after cycling, you need to plan ahead. Check the weather before you leave, have a look at traffic on your route and make sure that your bags are packed with everything you need the night before. Not planning ahead will lead to mistakes and no one wants that. Be organised. Be aware. Be prepared.

Biodegradable Baby wipes

Some offices don't have shower facilities and sometimes you are just running late. Whatever your reason for not being able to wash at work, you need to have a backup plan in place. While you might like the aroma of your own natural scent, your colleagues may not be as appreciative. Make sure that you carry a pack of biodegradable baby wipes and a deodorant with you during your cycle to work. A quick wipe down and a freshen up will leave you looking and smelling ready for action (even if you don't feel it!)

Save your sweat

It may be tempting to channel your inner Mark Cavendish and whizz down to work at top speed, but you're better off saving your energy for your ride home. Taking it easy on your morning commute will mean that you arrive to work less stressed and with less preparation to carry out once you are through those office doors. If you want to exert some energy while on your bike, peddle hard on your ride home. Not only will it burn some calories, but you'll also get more time on the sofa - win-win!

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