Cycle and walk to work

group of people on bikes on riverside path

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Why every day should be a Cycle to Work Day

Our Head of Behaviour Change Chris Bennett shares his top reasons on how to get – and stay - in the saddle for your commute.

Does your workplace have a shower available for employees? Here are our top tips for people who cycle to work, whether or not there are facilities available for you. 

two people cycling together

Cycling to work can be daunting for a first-timer and having the support of an experienced bike buddy can make the first few journeys a lot easier. Could you help someone starting out?

Cycling to work is healthier, cheaper and often faster than driving. Find out how the Cycle to Work scheme helps you save money on a new bike through your employer.

Two people cycling to work

Cycle to work and arrive energised, alert and ready for the day. Read our top tips and become a confident cycle commuter.

lady walking on bridge listening to music

Would you like to arrive at work feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead?
Mindfulness helps you make the most of your daily commute by using the time to train your mind to be present. 

Urban cyclists commuting to work

Cycling to work and getting in some exercise before your working day starts feels great. But how to start? Read our guide and find out.