Cycling with kids

A girl cycling with her mother

The benefits of family cycling

Children love cycling - it's fast and fun, and gives them freedom and independence to get around. And you don’t need to wait until your kids are old enough to ride themselves to start enjoying the benefits of cycling as a family.

children cycling

It doesn’t take much preparation to take your baby or toddler out on two wheels. Apart from a child bike seat or trailer, the most important things you need are a bike, the right clothes and a few basic tools.

Child learning with stabilisers

Cycling for the first time without stabilisers can be a very powerful memory in a child's life. It's an achievement that will help build confidence and a natural sense of adventure.

lady with child in bike seat

Gone are the days when the only way to take a passenger on your bike was to 'give them a backie' - there's now a vast choice of safe and stylish ways to transport your toddler.

girl on bike

To make sure your child gets the most out of cycling it’s important to get their bike right. Choosing the right model, size and kit for them will make for a comfortable and confident ride.

close up of child wearing a cycle helmet

The number of children cycling to school alone has rapidly decreased over the past few decades, largely because parents worry about traffic danger. But teach them about road safety, and there’s no reason why children can’t enjoy the freedom of cycling on their own.

boy on a bike

Whether you're going to the local park or the library, or planning a family outing, you can go by bike. Plan your journeys around quieter roads and cycle paths and cycling will add a sense of adventure to journeys usually done on foot or by car.