How can Sustrans help me improve my street?

mother and child on temporary street seating area

Newton Abbott street design project

We have worked with communities across the UK to make big changes and permanently improve streets.

This has involved instigating community activities as well as physical traffic calming measures encouraging traffic to slow down such as narrowing the entrance to a street, creating chicanes, build outs, speed humps, implementing a 20 mph speed limit, increasing bicycle parking or cycle lanes.

Sustrans works closely with local authorities to help to implement thorough and lasting measures. We help the community develop their ideas and we highlight to local authorities where these measures should be a priority in the area. We are led by the residents in the community to make sure any changes made are right for them and we use our expertise to demonstrate a range of cutting-edge solutions.

Working with Sustrans requires funding of at least £10,000. Sustrans community projects are led by project officers who are embedded in the community listening to people’s views and working collaboratively to bring about solutions to common concerns such as reducing traffic speed and volume, creating green spaces to pass through and spend time in, and supporting active travel choices like walking and cycling.

There are a variety of sources for funding including local councils and government transport budgets as well as public funding organisations and trusts such as People’s Health Trust, Big Lottery and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Sustrans community projects

Here is a selection of projects Sustrans has delivered collaboratively with local communities:

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