8 ways to tell the world about your brilliant street

street gathering
community street party

Are you really proud of the changes you are making to your street? Why not share your success story and help inspire others?

Here are our top tips to get local publicity:

1. Use the media and promote any street events to local newspapers, community magazines and radio stations and list events in local ‘What’s on’ listings.

2. Tell your friends, family, colleagues and other contacts about what you are doing the changes you are making on your street.

3. Speak to community groups about advertising in community newsletters and contact community groups such as the Scouts, local cycling clubs and the Women’s Institute asking them to promote it to their members.

4. Get photos and videos by asking someone to record your activities.

5. Share the changes you’re making on social media and talk about why you’re making them.

6. Create posters next to the changes you make that share your vision for the street and how others can be involved.

7. Incorporate your street’s vision and message into the design of the changes you make i.e. via a mural or other artwork.

8. Tell us. We're really keen to hear about everything you are doing in your community to improve your street. Share your pictures on twitter with us, or tell us about your project on our facebook page.

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