Change your street

children playing
children in the street

Simple ways to make your street greener and safer

Are you happy with your street? Many streets could benefit from some small changes or a larger-scale redesign - to make them safer, greener, more enjoyable places to be.

Many of our streets feel like they are designed exclusively for cars - full of traffic jams or dominated by speeding cars with little thought for pedestrians and cyclists.
Find out how you can redesign your street to create a green and safe community environment for everyone to enjoy.

turfed street to play and sit on

Involving your neighbours is integral to making changes people want in your street.
Whether you are planning a major redesign or smaller changes, we have all the information you will need to get the process started.

walking to school

Many streets have become dominated by cars and speeding traffic.
Find out how you can reduce traffic in your street to make it safer for walking and cycling.

street party with bunting decorations and games for kids

A street party is a great way to get to know your neighbours, improve community spirit and have a fun day right on your doorstep – what’s not to like?
Read our hints and tips and start planning yours.