Your journey

In the UK, two out of five local journeys are already made by foot, bike or public transport.  Whilst for some journeys there is no other option to the car, a lot of trips – especially shorter journeys – can easily be replaced by an alternative mode of transport such as cycling, walking or public transport.

We know from research undertaken in our Personalised Travel Planning project that in Cardiff and Penarth 70% of journeys are less than 2 miles - distances that can be easily walked or cycled. 

Get active, getting there

Walking or cycling for more of your daily journeys is one of the easiest ways to fit regular exercise into a busy lifestyle. It saves you money, is good for the environment, and you might even lose a few pounds along the way.

Getting out in the fresh air on two wheels or feet is also brilliant for your sense of well-being – it lifts your mood, improves motivation and energises you for the day ahead. It might even save you time – our research showed that people generally under-estimate the time it takes to drive and over-estimate other alternatives such as cycling.

Find out how newly converted cycle commuter, Amy, changed her commuting habits and how she’s finding bike travel in our exclusive interview for our e-magazine, Active Commuter. 

Explore your local Network

The National Cycle Network provides a convenient network of safe, scenic walking and cycling routes throughout Wales. Passing within 2 miles of 60% of the population, and linking up with many schools, workplaces and universities - there could very well be a lovely traffic-free route on your doorstep or near your workplace just waiting to be discovered!

Combining active travel with public transport

If your destination is not within walking or cycling distance, combining active travel with public transport is often a good choice as it allows you to build some activity in to your day whilst avoiding traffic congestion. 

Cycle parking at stations is often provided, making leaving your bike there an option. Many trains allow you to take your bike on board if you need it at both ends, and if you opt for a fold-up bike you can take it on the bus as well (make sure you check your local train or bus policy on bikes before you travel).

For travel information, visit: or call 0871 200 22 33 for bus, coach and rail service details.