Workplaces in Wales

Our workplaces projects support employers across Wales to empower their staff to leave the car at home and travel to work by public transport, bike, foot or car share.


Most commuting journeys in Wales are made by car, often over short distances. While jumping in the car can seem the most convenient option, it can also be the slowest, most unpredictable, and most stressful. 

Employers have so much to gain from encouraging staff to travel to work actively and sustainably. Learn more here.

The DVLA is an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT), with offices at three sites North of Swansea city centre. The agency has a Biodiversity and Sustainability Officer, with a key role in encouraging the 5,500 staff to use sustainable options for their travel to work plans. 

Learn about how the organisation promotes and facilitates walking, cycling and the use of public transport here.

In July workplaces across Wales took part in our third Cymru Travel Challenge to see who could clock up the most sustainable journeys. Workplaces and individuals had to walk, cycle, car-share or use public transport in an effort to win prizes.

Over 1,600 people from 126 organisations participated in the Challenge, logging over 14,500 journeys, saving a whopping £15,629 and 13,421 Kg CO2 by swapping car journeys for more active and sustainable methods of travel - saving over 11,000 doughnuts worth of calories.  

We know from research undertaken in our Personalised Travel Planning project that in Cardiff and Penarth 70% of journeys are less than 2 miles - distances that can be easily walked or cycled. Find out how.

There truly is no better way to start your daily commute than an uplifting cycle ride or walk. You arrive at your destination feeling alert, energised and ready to take on the working day. It’s a fantastic way of keeping fit, and if you do it regularly you’ll save a small fortune, forking out less on petrol and gym fees, and leaving you with more cash to treat yourself.

We interviewed Amy Louise Christopher, a newly converted cycle commuter, about her new commuting habits for our e-magazine Active Commuter. Read the interview.