What makes a liveable community?

Child gardening on a street plot

We're creating places for people in Wales

Plant pot bike rack with a bike locked to it

Sustrans Cymru's booklet on placemaking shows how when designed well, streets have great potential to encourage people to socialise, play and use local businesses.

Re-modelling a street

With a little creativity and lots of colour, a regular street can be re-modelled to create an inviting space where people choose to spend their time and children can be free to play safely. Sustrans Cymru’s document can be used for guidance on how streets can be made to be a place in their own right, a destination and a place to spend time when planned for this purpose. 

Our 'approach to planning and building liveable, sustainable communities' document uses case studies from throughout the UK to demonstrate how streets have been transformed and used differently, contributing to the sense of community that a place can offer its local residents.  

Sustrans' street-kit

In order to trial different ideas we have used our custom-made ‘street kit’, an innovative kit of life-size building blocks to create a colourful, vibrant space on a busy road in Cardiff.  Local businesses, AMs and Councillors have joined us in experiencing how space can be used differently, how we can transform the way we use the space that is available to us abnd how its purpose can be adapted to peoples’ needs. For more information on our Cardiff event visit our Facebook page.

For more information on placemaking in Wales download our booklet

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