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Children and leader on a cycle training trip to Pont y Werrin bridge, Cardiff

We work with and influence policy makers and partner organisations to make smarter travel choices possible, desirable and inevitable

Policy submissions 

Cardiff Cycling Strategy 2016-2026 Consultation Sustrans response April 2017  
Cardiff Integrated Network Maps Consultation  Sustrans response April 2017  
Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance 2017 Sustrans response March 2017  
Welsh Government: Setting the Direction for Wales and the Borders Rail Sustrans response March 2016  
Welsh Government: Green Growth Wales – Options for investment support Sustrans response February 2016  

Welsh Government: Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

Sustrans response January 2016  
Welsh Government: Bus and Community Transport Services in Wales Sustrans response October 2015  

Active Travel (Wales) Act

On 4 November 2013, Wales became a world-leader in walking and cycling, with the Active Travel Act becoming law in Wales.

For six year, we campaigned for a bill to see a legal duty exist that would lead to more safe routes for walking and cycling networks across Wales, helping people shift everyday shorter journeys to active travel. There is huge potential for change, with over 1-in-5 car journeys under 2 miles in length - a distance easily walked or cycled.

Have your say on the consultation

In September 2015, local authorities across Wales will be submitting their Existing Route Maps - covering the routes that already exist - to Welsh Government. Now is the time for you to have your say and feedback on the consultation.

Then the process starts on mapping out a future network, with these plans submitted in 2017.

You can find more information on the Act by visiting the Welsh Government website.  The Act was commenced on 25 September 2014.

Half of Wales faces debt from transport costs

More than a million people in Wales could struggle to afford the costs of running a car*, and a lack of alternatives is forcing many people to choose between getting into debt and being cut off from jobs, healthcare, shops and schools.

Sustrans Cymru has teamed up with Age Cymru, Citizens Advice Cymru and Save the Children to highlight this growing issue and to launch 'Access Denied' (pdf), a  report calling on politicians to recognise the complexities of and tackle the growing problem of 'transport poverty'. With a quarter of households having no car at all, and fuel costs set to continue rising, the report calls for more investment in alternatives such as public transport, car clubs and routes for walking and cycling.

Download a copy of Access Denied (pdf) or Rhwystro Mynediad (pdf, Welsh version).

*Defined here as the number of households that would have to spend 10 per cent of their income on running a car (whether or not they are actually running one). This is just one of the indicators of transport poverty. As well as affecting those who find the costs of running a car a strain, transport poverty affects people who cannot afford a car at all; those who do not have access to a car for other reasons; and those for whom the available public transport may be costly or inadequate.

Access for all

As the Active Travel Bill was progressing through the Welsh Assembly, we looked at how traffic-free paths could benefit those from all backgrounds and ages, in particular those with disabilities. Keeping fit and healthy is just as important to older people and those with disabilities and shared-use traffic-free paths have a key role to play in opening up access for more people to get around independently and without the need to drive or be driven.

In 2012 we published Access for All / Mynediad i Bawb (pdfs).

Part-time season tickets

Regular rail passengers in Wales can get significant discounts of fares by purchasing a season ticket. However, for those who travel regularly but only work part time there are no discounted tickets available.  We partnered with Chwarae Teg - an organisation helping women to achieve and propser - to look at the issues.

You can download the report (pdfs) in English, or in Welsh.

Sustainable Transport Cymru

Sustainable Transport Cymru is an alliance of Welsh organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors.  We support efforts to reduce the environmental impact of travelling and to create an environment where people have access to essential local services without the need to use a car. 

This group is now an official sub-group of the Climate Change Commission for Wales.  More info can be found on the Cynnal Cymru webpage.

Welsh Language Policy

Our Welsh Language Policy is available to download: Welsh Language Policy (pdf).