Liveable Neighbourhoods in Wales

We all use streets and public spaces. When designed well, they can be places that encourage us to socialise, play and exercise and that can boost local businesses.

Unfortunately they are all too often designed solely to facilitate the effective flow of traffic. We believe this is a missed opportunity and a waste of the most precious commodity in urban areas – space.

Bike parking plant pot

The design and layout of streets and public spaces has a direct impact on how we choose to travel and spend time outside. Through our work with communities we have witnessed streets being reclaimed and we have helped in their transformation to places that work for people not just vehicles.

Happy child gardening in residential area

With a little creativity and lots of colour, a regular street can be re-modelled to create an inviting space where people choose to spend their time and children can be free to play safely.

Our guide demonstrates how streets can be made to be places in their own right when planned for this purpose. Download our placemaking guide here.

Parc y Rhos street sign

We've recently completed on a community-led street design project in Bridgend with local residents to create a safer, more attractive street.

Find out about the project here.