Working with Housing Associations in Wales

housing association resident receiving personalised travel planning support

Sustrans works collaboratively with housing associations or other social housing providers to tackle the health and social challenges affecting their tenants.

By investing in and promoting sustainable transport, using bespoke interventions, we believe we can help address some of your most pressing issues, including:

  • reducing number of voids and empty properties
  • reducing poverty and relieving financial hardship (particularly transport poverty)
  • improving resident health and wellbeing, and communities
  • increasing tenant mobility and access to employment opportunities
  • cutting levels of anti-social behaviour and improving quality of neighbourhoods and the local environment.

The following Sustrans interventions can all contribute to meeting your organisation’s priorities:

Personalised Travel Planning 

  • Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) works directly with individuals to tackle subjective barriers to using sustainable transport, and raises their awareness of the options available.
  • PTP offers a range of information (maps, timetables etc.) and explains how specific journeys can be undertaken using sustainable transport modes.
  • Past projects have achieved a 12% reduction in single occupancy car journeys, and led to average savings of around £150 per household.
  • This intervention broadens both the travel options available to tenants and the housing stock suitable for their needs, thus leading to a reduction in voids.

Find out more about how Sustrans delivers Personalised Travel Planning across the UK.

Street Design

  • Street Design is a community-led approach developed by Sustrans to help tenants redesign their own streets affordably, making them safer and more attractive places to live.
  • This not only improves the built environment but also helps build community cohesion, cuts anti-social behaviour, increases physical activity levels and addresses barriers to accessing work and educational opportunities.
  • Sustrans has helped transform 25 communities using this model, and our current work includes both rural and urban areas.

Find out more about how Sustrans delivers Community-led Street Design across the UK.

Cycle Support

  • Cycle Support includes a range of activities, such as cycle training, bike maintenance training, leading rides in communities and holding bike repair workshops (Dr Bike).
  • These interventions have a proven track record in getting people back on their bikes.

A Cardiff-based survey of housing association tenants in October 2014 found:

  • 62% do less than the recommended minimum level of weekly exercise
  • 16% of residents did no exercise whatsoever
  • 72% said transport was a barrier to employment
  • 68% said they would benefit from information on public transport
  • 51% said they would benefit from information on walking and cycling routes.

Working with us can lead to benefits for your housing association, your tenants and the wider environment – so get in touch today to learn more.

For more information on how Sustrans works with housing associations in Wales email Carys Thomas or call 02920 650602.