Children attending a ribbon cutting

Sustrans works with many community groups, workplaces, schools and universities in Wales to encourage people to lead healthier, happier lifestyles by making small changes to their travel behaviour.  Through our community projects we aim to deliver the skills, information and infrastructure needed to empower people in Wales to build more walking and cycling into their everyday journeys.

Personalised Travel Planning (PTP)

We are delivering the UK’s largest programme of Personalised Travel Planning, providing individually tailored travel information to 100,000 households, enabling people to make smarter, healthier and greener travel choices.

Our research has shown that lack of information is one of the biggest barriers to sustainable travel. Most people simply do not know the times of the buses from their nearest bus stop, nor do they know where the nearest safe cycle route is or where it connects to. Personalised travel planning provides households with tailored information for their specific transport needs.

Over 47,000 households in Cardiff have been engaged so far and our results have shown an 8% reduction in car trips made by drivers, a 13% reduction in car trips made by passengers, and a tripling of cycle journeys!

Working with housing associations

Sustrans works collaboratively with housing associations or other social housing providers in Wales to tackle the health and social challenges affecting their tenants, by offering a range of service. 

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Community engagement

We work closely with communities to ensure that people in Wales have access to a network of safe routes, making Wales not only a sustainable and beautiful tourist destination, but also a healthy, happy place to live, work and play.

Sustrans’ Connect2 projects throughout Wales have seen safe and strategic links brought to communities, overcoming barriers including busy roads, rivers and railway lines. Communities have played a unique role in creating these new routes, and local heroes have been immortalised on their area's Portrait Bench, an iconic new artwork for every route.

Community-based active travel projects

Our former ‘Mentro Allen’ and ‘Bike It Walk It’ projects encouraged people living in deprived areas, people with learning difficulties, and older people to get active through a dynamic programme of outdoor activities including walking, cycling, orienting and rock climbing. The projects also created fantastic opportunities for socialising, laughter and learning and as a result boosting the confidence, morale and self-esteem of the people that took part. This video really highlights the difference that Mentro Allen’s Barry Siding Project made to the lives of many people.

Schools and employers

We are working with over 100 schools across the country to encourage children to travel actively and create a generation of free range kids. We are supporting employers to develop travel plans so that employees can make achievable, life-long changes to their commuting habits, ensuring that walking and cycling become real ways of getting Wales moving.

Active Travel Champions

Our Active Travel Champions programme recruits, trains and supports volunteers who want to promote active and sustainable travel in their workplace.

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