Sustrans Welsh language policy

Being a public facing organisation in Wales, Sustrans Cymru must operate bilingually in the public domain in accordance with the Welsh Language Act 1993, Welsh Language Measure 2011, and the Welsh Language Commissioners guidelines for third sector organisations.

We have a Welsh Language Policy in place which sets out how Sustrans will operate in Wales using two languages.

Every team member in Sustrans Cymru should be aware of their obligation to uphold the organisation’s Welsh Language requirements.

Below is a handy summary of the general principles of the scheme:

  1. In the conduct of public business in Wales, the English and Welsh languages will be treated on an equal basis.
  2. Welsh and English print will appear in the same size on all public material originated by Sustrans Cymru.
  3. Welsh will always appear first (i.e. on top or to the left of any English text).
  4. All materials will be produced as one bilingual proof. This means that any leaflets or reports produced should display English and Welsh in the same document. If this is completely impractical then one English and one Welsh document will be produced.
  5. Exhibition material will always appear in both languages, one alongside the other
  6. Materials will always be of the same professional standard whether in Welsh or in English.
  7. We have a list of approved translators which we use to translate documents.
  8. All sign specifications and guidance will follow Sustrans’ bilingual policy.
  9. All route signage and other guidance produced in Wales must be in Welsh and English.
  10. This Scheme will be supported by training, which will be made available to all staff for which a higher level of Welsh language communication is considered necessary.

Download the Sustrans Welsh language policy (pdf)

For any specific enquiries regarding our policy, please email [email protected]