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Classroom resource packs to meet curriculum outcomes at Key stage 2, Key stage 3 and Key stage 4 through the topic of active and sustainable travel.

Our Literacy and Numeracy Resources have been shortlisted for an Education Resources Award 2015.

Welsh Baccalaureate teaching and learning programme

Our free pack of classroom materials for the Welsh Baccalaureate prepares learners for the Global Citizenship Challenge at Key Stage 4 under the topic of Living Sustainably. 

Our resources have been prepared in collaboration with six schools from across Wales and use the real-life global challenge of transport to provide teachers with all the materials for a six-hour learning programme to develop skills assessed in the challenge. 

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Literacy and Active Travel for Key Stage Three

Our free pack of lessons and classroom materials for Key Stage 3 can be delivered as a scheme of work for Year 8 students.  The resource provides mathematical data sets, films, images and written articles to engage students in structured discussion activities.  All resources are included and worksheets can be modified to enable differentiation.

These resources create high interest, meaningful and engaging learning opportunities, which provide the best context to develop the essential literacy and numeracy skills for all of our learners in Wales.

- Paul Booth,
Principle Advisor, National Support Programme, Literacy and Numeracy

Deliverable as a 6 or 10 lesson scheme, or as a standalone lesson, the resource integrates Literacy and Numeracy Framework objectives and includes an a structured opportunity to assess oracy.  

The National Support Programme supports Sustrans’ educational resources for the Literacy and Numeracy Framework.

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Primary school resources

Our Key Stage 2 resource, for Years 5 and 6, addresses every element of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework through a series of standalone activities linked to the topic of active travel.  

Described by one Year 6 teacher as:
“A great approach for pupils to learn literacy and numeracy skills in a meaningful way.”

96% of teachers using this resource would recommend it to a colleague.

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