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Local experts help Sustrans wildlife volunteers to identify different species

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Become a Sustrans volunteer today and make a real difference to your local wildlife

wildlife volunteers learning about their local species

Our volunteers survey wildlife on our routes so we can target our conservation efforts where they're needed most

Our routes are for more than just transport, they are also home to wildlife of all types. They're a place where people can experience nature first hand.

And here at Sustrans we have fantastic wildlife volunteers who help us to look after and monitor wildlife that lives along our routes.

Sustrans volunteers maintain our greenways for people and wildlife. They are the front line stewards and local advocates for our routes, helping to promote and increase biodiversity.

All of our wildlife volunteers receive training in practical skills, identification and conservation so that they can make the most of their local greenway. 

Find out more about becoming a Sustrans wildlife volunteer and help look after our furry and feathered friends near you.

What do Sustrans wildlife volunteers do?

The habitat management on the Liverpool Loop Line has improved the greenway and I know that a lot of it has been carried out by Sustrans volunteers.

- Laura, Sustrans wildlife volunteer
There's lots of different roles and activities that our fantastic wildlife volunteers carry out.

Wildlife surveying

We are always finding new and exciting things on our greenways thanks to our volunteers.

As well as running regular training days to look for species like reptiles, butterflies or hedgehogs we also collect photos and records our volunteers send in and use them to help target our conservation efforts where they will be most useful.

If you walk or cycle along one of our greenways regularly, why not become a wildlife spotter and help us look out for the wildlife on your doorstep.

Know all about data? We’d love some help crunching the numbers to test what works best.

Habitat management

In order to support as much wildlife as possible on our greenways we need to create and improve habitat patches on our routes.

Whether it’s sprucing up a hedge, improving a local pond, or tending to vegetation along the route – we work hard to make it easier for wildlife to thrive along the National Cycle Network.

Our volunteers use a variety of traditional techniques, from scything to hedge laying, to help improve habitats or to make new ones.

If you don’t mind getting a bit muddy then join us and learn how half an hour with a rake can make all the difference.


The best thing about being a Sustrans volunteer is the training. It gives you inspiration to go out and do more.

- Ian, Sustrans wildlife volunteer
Why is the grass so long and scruffy? What’s a bug hotel and why do we need one? Can we have a few more flower beds? Bees, they’re all the same aren’t they?

When it comes to wildlife, there’s lots of questions. And letting people know what we are doing and why is really important if we want to inspire them to join in and appreciate the nature around them.

We need volunteers who can explain things in an engaging and creative way to help show the value of our work.

If you like to talk, blog, or video then we can show you loads of interesting things to chat about.

Find out how you can become a wildlife volunteer today.

What our wildlife volunteers say

As Elise studied to become an ecologist, volunteering with Sustrans certainly helped her to build skills and expertise in this area:

“I am aiming for a job in this kind of field and feel that I still need to develop skills to help me to do that. I think being a Sustrans wildlife volunteer has definitely helped me to develop those skills”.

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Feeling inspired to become a Sustrans wildlife volunteer? We'd love you to join us. Check out our volunteer vacancies for an opportunity near you.