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Volunteering on the Network

A group of Sustrans volunteers during a workday to maintain the Network

We have 2,500 volunteers who look after the National Cycle Network, and whose activies are vital to ensure the routes are safe for everyone to enjoy.

With the National Cycle Network stretching over 14,000 miles across the length and breadth of the UK, it’s important that we keep the routes in top condition for everyone to enjoy.

One of my most favourite things about being a Sustrans volunteer is the camaraderie. I now know volunteers over a wide area and can join in activities with other groups to help look after the Network.

- John, Volunteer Ranger

Our volunteers carry out activities on the routes, cutting back encroaching vegetation and picking up litter. They also regularly check the signs along the routes, replacing and repairing them so that the Network is easy to navigate.

Routes volunteers, sometimes called "rangers", are our eyes and ears on the National Cycle Network. As well as helping to promote Sustrans and encourage others to use their local routes, they also keep an eye out for any problems on the path, like potholes and other hazards, so we can repair these.

We also have volunteers who help to enhance the National Cycle Network, developing and improving routes and connecting even more people to the Network.

Anyone can be a volunteer on a route!

Are you passionate about the National Cycle Network and would like to help look after a route in your area?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to enhance and maintain your local routes, we’d love for you to join us.

Check out our volunteer vacancies for an opportunity near you.

Meet one of our volunteers on the National Cycle Network.