Sustrans wildlife volunteers

At their best our routes are bursting with wildflowers, bees, birds, and other interesting wildlife.

Sustrans wildlife volunteers search for nature on their local route and use their conservation skills to encourage and look after our furry and feathered friends.

Our greenways are traffic-free paths away from roads where you can enjoy being outside whether you are walking with friends, cycling with the family or simply enjoying a picnic.

They are also havens for wildlife that provide a sheltered space for animals to rest, breed or travel through.

Without help our greenways can get very overgrown and lose a lot of the variety that allows wildlife to thrive.

And that’s where our volunteers come in.

Every greenway is different and changes throughout the year. Our volunteers rarely have two days the same with lots of different tasks being carried out all year round.

There are tree and hedgerow activities in the winter, grass cutting and surveys in the summer and all sorts of small interventions where they can make the biggest difference. Some tasks include:

  • making and installing bat boxes
  • traditional hedge laying days
  • showing local schoolchildren how to identify and encourage wild flowers
  • building a habitat pile for hibernating beetles.

There are lots of activities you can carry out as a wildlife volunteer with Sustrans. Check out our volunteer vacancies for an opportunity on a greenway near you.

There's loads of great benefits to being a wildlife volunteer with Sustrans. Here's just a few that our volunteers have given:

  • get close to nature without having to travel miles from home.
  • make a real difference to your local wildlife.
  • create spaces where people can come and enjoy learning about nature and conservation.
  • meet people with the same enthusiasm as you and share your knowledge and experience.
  • learn new skills and find out about the amazing world on your doorstep.
  • there’s lots of free tea and biscuits.

Find out more about becoming a Sustrans wildlife volunteer and help look after our furry and feathered friends near you.