Meet Tahera, our Community Volunteer

Sustrans volunteer Tahera and a young girl use the Sustrans smoothie bike at an event

Tahera (pictured in the background) has helped lots of people in her local community to cycle and walk

Tahera is a Sustrans Community Volunteer in Bradford. She's been volunteering with us for three years, helping to encourage students at her university and the local community to travel by foot and bike.

What Tahera does

By encouraging people to travel more sustainably and helping them to make a difference in their community, I benefit too. It makes me feel good, I can give something back to society and I’ve also learnt new skills like First Aid. I’d definitely recommend volunteering for Sustrans for fun times throughout. 

- Tahera, Community Volunteer

Tahera started volunteering during her third year at the University of Bradford. She helps to run promotional events and information stalls to show her fellow students and staff how easy it is to get around the city by bike or on foot.

She promotes these modes of travel by:

  • creating posters
  • using social media
  • talking to students at university events
  • organising a series of student activities including an active travel week
  • encouraging students to sign up for led rides
  • distributing maps of cycling and walking routes around the campus.

Tahera has also appeared on a local radio station to promote walking and cycling and has attended lots of community events in Bradford to help people tackle barriers to active travel.

How Tahera makes a difference

Since volunteering with us Tahera has helped inspire lots of people in Bradford to to travel in a more environmentally friendly and active way. Many students in the university now travel in more sustainable ways in and around the campus.

Tahera has helped women in her community to overcome their perceived barriers to cycling by introducing them to local women only cycling groups to gain confidence and chat to like-minded people.

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